Monday, August 10, 2015

Sisters' visit!

My sister, Anne, and her daughter, Emily, came to visit for 10 days in July.  The day she got here, we headed over to our cousin Rachel's house to swim and enjoy time with "Lounging Ladies".

Katie, Emily, Ava
 What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
 We brought the desert, and none of our kids had ever had a Klondike bar before.  Major parenting fail corrected!

Sunday, Papa and Granmommy joined us for church and stayed afterward for dinner.  They were enjoying all the love and snuggles from their 3 youngest granddaughters.
 Monday we ventured out into the 100 degree heat to the Hawaiian Falls waterpark.  Kirsten brought her friend Elayna with us, so we hardly saw then except when they ran by to check in.
Katie and Emily so much fun together and did not want to stay in one place for more than 5 minutes!  

 It took hours of coercion and bribery with a snow cone, but we finally convinced Katie to go down one of the big slides.  Once she went down, she loved it and spent the rest of the day going down them over and over again!

 Tuesday I worked while Anne spent the day hanging out with the kids and swimming.
Wednesday we ventured out to the Perot Museum in downtown Dallas.  The girls loved learning about the different types of bird eggs.  Katie was especially enthralled by the hummingbird egg.
 We made our own birds, battled pre-historic dinosaurs, raced a cheetah and tried to eat like a bird.
 And of course we spent tons of time in the Children's Museum creating art.
 Thursday we were joined by Jenny! We spent time hanging out at the house, the mall, and the pool.  Friday brought us to Oklahoma and to Aunt Iva's house for the Adams Family Reunion.  Kirsten, Katie and Emily would not be outdone by the boys and definitely held their own with the nerf guns.
 On Saturday, the whole crew went to the Oklahoma Science Museum.
Katie found a life sized kaleidoscope.  There were thousands of Katies!  The world is definitely not ready for that!
 Katie learned how to ride a Segway
 As did Kirsten
 It seemed like everywhere we went, the girls were wanting to make funny face poses with their Aunt Jenny!
 Life-sized Operation!
 The train exhibit was a favorite!

We headed up stairs where the girls were able to man an Air Force plane. 
 Venture into space
 And man their own Apollo mission
 Saturday night brought fun conversation, yummy food, and lots of goodbyes, only after loosing all of the kids and then finding them a mile away by the pond playing Zombie Apocalypse. 
 Sunday morning, everyone wanted to wear Aunt Jenny's sky high heels.

Katie actually fell over while wearing them!
Sunday night after enjoying brunch, church and dinner with Papa and Granmommy, Emily and Anne headed home, followed by Jenny on Monday.  It was a super fun visit and I loved having my sisters here!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Preschool Graduation

May 19, 2015
My beautiful Katie Anne graduated from preschool!  It is hard to believe how quickly the past 5 years have passed.  She has grown so much during her past two years and Redeemer Day School and we will always be grateful for her time there.

Each of the graduates recited their favorite bible verse that they had memorized throughout the year.
Katie chose Luke 2:11 - "For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord!"

She spoke so clearly and sang so beautifully.  We could not be more proud of our little Katie!

There was lots of cheering as her name was called!

Katie receiving her diploma
She had tons of family there, including Grandma and Grandpa Lowe, Grandma Alleman, Aunt Megan, Aunt Verlanne, and most importantly Great Grandma Lowe!

Katie had Mr McNally as her assistant teacher for the past two years.

Katie with her teacher Mrs Sands.
 Kirsten had Mrs Sands when she was four years old two and I was pregnant with Katie.  Now she is almost as tall as she is!
 We could not have asked for a more amazing teacher than Mrs Sands.  She has had such a profound influence in the lives of both of our daughters.  She has truly been a blessing in our lives.  It has been hard to close this chapter of our lives and realize that our girls are growing up.

All-City Choir

May 12, 2015

This school year Kirsten has been participating in the Frisco ISD All-City Choir.  It is an amazing choir made up of 50 4th and 5th graders from across all 26 elementary schools in the district.  We are so proud of her for making it and for the hard work that she has put in this year.  It has been amazing to watch her grow as a musician through this experience. We thoroughly enjoyed their spring concert.  They sang a song in Zwahili and in Hebrew, among many others.

Kirsten had quite the support section present.

Grandma and Grandpa Lowe

Grandma Alleman and Megan

Amy and Joseph Burr, who could not stay for pictures, 
and of course, a very proud Mommy, Daddy and Katie.
 On Friday May 15th, she went with the All-City Choir to the Kidz in the Park Choir Competition.  It was a little harder than I imagined to drop her off and let her ride a bus all the way to Mansfield.  Of course, she had no problem whatsoever with it.

Her choir earned a Superior rating for their performance.  They were also awarded Outstanding Performance and Best in Class.  They worked so hard and deserved the recognition!
We are so thrilled that she had this opportunity and look forward to her being able to participate again next year!

An attempt at a re-boot

I officially gave up blogging about a year and a half ago.  I have tons of reason, most of which revolve around severe depression, a crazy Katie, busy life, moving, hospital stays and broken feet.  The past two weeks, my girls have begun to read the books I have made from my blog in previous years.  They keep asking where the book from 2013 and 2014 are.  I have decided that I need to do this for my kids.  I am not sure where to find the time, but I will try.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

That void between Thanksgiving and Christmas

So you know those three weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break?  Those are the worst three weeks of the year.  There are school parties, band concerts, dance recitals, decorating the house, candy making, baking, cleaning the house, preparing for company, sending Christmas cards, finishing the shopping for and making of presents and then wrapping said presents, not to mention that cursed Elf on the Shelf that you have to move every night and come up with original creative ideas.  All of that on top of the normal things you do that keep you busy anyways, and you have pandemonium.  It is a void in space that sucks the life out of you so that by the time Christmas actually gets here, you just want it to be done.  Of course, we do it all regardless and in the end we actually enjoy it enough to do it again the next year.

Speaking of the Elf, here is Alexa making her debut this year and two very happy little girls.  (I think that those smiles is part of the reason we do it)
 In the midst of it all, we had a horrible ice storm.  I mean the entire world covered in 4 inches of solid ice, not snow, ice.  It was unreal.  We did not leave the house for four days, with the exception of the girls going out to play in the back yard.

 Kirsten also decided that she wanted to make a blanket for her sister for Christmas and sewed it all by herself.
 I also got all of my Christmas projects finished - a perk of being in the house for so long.  We actually really enjoyed our time together and had a ton of fun.  It was nice to get back into a normal routine again though.

Part of the routine was Katie going to preschool.  She performed the most adorable Nativity play with her school.  She was a cow in the stable.  She sang and danced her little heart out, especially to Joy to the World.
 Grandma Alleman came to watch her along with Jeremy and me.
 Kirsten and I went to Walls of Clay for a Christmas Party for the Petite Stars Dance Company.
 I painted a popcorn bowl
 Kirsten painted a DREAM plaque and a snowman ornament.
 Then there was Kirsten's school party.  I am room mom again this year, so it was quite a busy week and stressful day, but in the end it was fun for all involved.
We finished off the week with each of the girls having their Christmas recitals for dance. 
Kirsten's ballet class
 Her jazz dance
 Jazz class
 Christmas Katie
 Katie's ballet class
And with that, the three crazy weeks were over, school was over, and Christmas vacation was beginning.