Friday, May 2, 2008

Who Plays with steak?

This week has been full of advetnures around here. Kirsten now has a scooter, and two scraped up elbows and a scraped knee to prove it. She gets going awfully fast, especially down the driveway. She fortunately has taken well to our distance limits of the electric boxes in either direction. Yesterday, while I was teaching piano, Kirsten pulled the steak out of the refrigerator that was supposed to be dinner and took it outside to play with it. YUCK!! Who would ever want to play with a raw slab of steak? Luckily it was salvageable, but she learned the wrath of mommy.

This morning she woke up and wanted Daddy. She was begging for him so much that we finally went and met him for lunch. She jumped into his arms and would not loosen her grip around his kneck the entire time we were there. She is such a daddy's girl.

I am loving my new hobby of card making. I am a Stampin-up demonstrator, so if any of you want anything let me know. Jeremy says that I have to actually start meeting the quarterly quota by selling things rather than just buying them for myself.

We are looking forward to being in Utah this next week for Zach, my brother-in-law's wedding. We are hoping to have time to visit as much family as possible.