Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super Scooter!

Tonight Kirsten road her scooter almost 2 miles! We had to go to my dad's house to work on wedding details for my sister's wedding in a week and a half, so we decided to walk. This is the first time she has not gone in the stroller. It is .8 miles each way. She kept chanting, I Can, I Can, I Can.... She reminded me of the Little Engine That Could. She was getting tired and stopping about every 4 houses for water the last 1/4 mile or so, but she would not let us help, she insisted on going the whole way herself. She is a determined little buger. I sure hope she sleeps well tonight!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Kirsten started Swimming Lessons last week. On the first day she was in the Mom and Tot class with me. She screamed through the entire lesson because she did not want to swim with me. Towards the end of the lesson, she broke away from me, swam to the edge, ran to the shallow end and jumped in. The coordinator moved her to the 3 to 5 year old Little Swimmers even though she is not yet 3. She is keeping up well, although she has a tendency to swim off into the deep end when the teachers are not looking. She has learned Superman, scoops, kicks, bubbles and goes under water by herself. She loves to go under to pick up toys. Yesterday they put on life jackets and took the kids to the deep end. She was the only one willing to jump in, so she went first, and was the last one to get out. She swam off and was playing with the lane ropes and the diving board. I love that she is so adventurous and independent, but sometimes I wonder what I am going to do with this girl.

This is Kirsten swimming with her teacher, Stephen.

Kirsten practicing her kicks. She is in the yellow suit with the big pink flower.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Family Travels

Kirsten Smelling the Flowers at Temple Square (she stole one!)

Kirsten and her counsin, Eric

Kirsten and her counsin, Beth

Kirsten and her Daddy in the snow

The past month has been very busy for the Alleman Family. We started off May by going to Utah for Zach and Alison's wedding. It was wonderful to be in the Salt Lake Temple with all of Jeremy's brothers and most of the sister in laws. We spent a week in Provo with Jeremy's brother Ryan and his family. Kirsten had a ton of fun with her cousins Eric and Beth. You could tell when watching them that they have known each other a whole lot longer than their 3 short years on this earth.

While in Utah we were able to go up to the ski slopes and play in the snow, as well as spend some time on Temple Square. For the rest of the trip Kirsten kept asking to see her Princess Castle Temple. We tried showing her the Provo temple, but she would not be satisfied, she insisted on seeing the "Bigger One". We had a wonderful time visitng with both of Jeremy's grandparents, and my Uncle Larry and his family.

Over Memorial Day weekend we drove up to Topeka, Kansas to visit my mom. Jeremy and I were able to drive to Kansas City to see the musical, WICKED. It was phenomenal. Jeremy made fun of the fact that I kept crying. I can hardly wait until it comes to Dallas and we can see it again. While we were at the musical, Kirsten went with my mom to Gage Park in Topeka. They went to the zoo, rode the carousel and the train. Since my mom works for BNSF Railroad, who sponsors the train, Kirsten was able to go up front with the conductor and pull the choo-choo whistle and call All-Aboard for the other passengers. She is thoroughly obsessed with trains now thanks both to Grandma Starnes and her cousin Eric.

Kirsten gets bigger everyday and we are having fun swimming now that it is warmer. We actually went to the pool twice yesterday. She starts swimming lessons next week and is really excited about it.

It was great to see Zach, Alison and Jason this past weekend. We never can get enough of our family!