Thursday, July 31, 2008

Childhood obsessions

Kirsten has developed two new obsessions in the past week. The first is that she packs up all of her Little People in to every bag that she can find. Then she carries them all over the house and finally ends up in her closet, which she has now decided is a school bus. We have to then sit in her closet and she sits by the door and drives to school. Then we have to go sit on her toy box, which is her school, and she reads me a book. And yes, we do this about 25 times a day. Her second obsession is cleaning. She insists that I let her vacumn every day and gets mad if anything is out of place or if she sees dust. The plus side is that she has decided to start cleaning herself. I caught her yesterday on the back of the piano dusting, and singing "Sing Sweet Nighting gale". For those of you without little girls, that is the song that Cinderella sings as she is on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. We have got to stop watching so many princess movies around here.
Side note, it is not your imagination, I cut about 8 inches off of Kirsten's hair last week. Sadly, it cut off all of her ringlet curls. On the plus side, combing her hair every morning does not constitute the beginning of World War 3.

More Cakes

So once Again I have to show off my cakes. This one is my second cake. That week we learned to do 3 Dimensional figures. So the cake was a little weird with penguins, roses, a frog, sweet pea flowers and a Christmas tree. I did leave off the bunny rabbit and pumpkin, those would have been a stretch. Jeremy took it to work and his co-workers loved it so much that they took up a pool to pay for me to take class two, as long as they get the cake every week!
This week I wanted to practice putting a princess on a cake. I figured it was successful because I came home and Kirsten exclaimed "It's my Snow White Cake!" So I guess that if a two year old can recognize it, not so bad. Now we will see how I do with Barbie Island Princess this week....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Cake

So I officialy decorated my first cake at this week's class. We learned all kinds of fun stuff and I am really enjoying it, although I think Jeremy's co-workers are enjoying it more! I learned how to make roses, but I definitely need more practice on those. I like the stars and drop flowers though.
My nieces leave tomorrow and we will definitely miss them. They have been a huge help with Kirsten this summer. She climbed up into Kaley's lap yesterday and told her she loved her! I am glad that they have the chance to spend most of every summer together to build those cousinly bonds.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busy Week

This week has been quite a busy one. My sister, Anne, her fiance Otto, and her daughters Sarah and Kaley arrived on June 28th. We spent the next few days running around to get ready for her wedding.

Wednesday July 2nd we went to Six Flags!! It was Kirsten's first time, and she loved it to say the least. She went on all the rides in Looney Tunes Land with my mom while I went on some rollercoasters and then she was off to bigger and better things. She went on the Mini Mine Train rollercoaster, the boots, the teacups, the log ride, drove the car on Chaparral, and even did the virtual motion 3D ride. We actually thought we were in the motionless seats until it started. She was a little scared, but did very well. We topped off the day in traditional Alleman fashion by riding the carousel (5 times!!) She slept very well that night.

Thursday July 3rd was my sister's wedding day. I worked really hard to make sure that Anne had nothing to do that day but get her hair and nails done. They got married in the gazebo at the Heard Craig House and then had their reception in the Carriage House. Everything went very well. It was a relief to have it all finally happen. I have been so busy and stressed planning this for her. Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Anne with her daughters, Sarah and Kaley
Laura and her sister Anne

Kirsten as the Flower Girl
Laura, Anne, Otto, Kirsten, Jeremy
Kirsten and Anne

Friday we had a wonderful time for the 4th of July. We spent most of the day recooperating from the wedding. We had a barbecue and then rode our neighborhood trolley to the soccer fields. There were hot air ballons, bounce houses, carnival rides, and a concert by Josh Gracin from American Idol. We had a blast. Kirsten did not like the fireworks this year though, I think maybe we were too close. We were seriously maybe 100 yards from where they set them off. We will have to sit farther away next year.

Saturday July 5th we drove to Oklahoma for my Grandpa Adams 80th birthday party. We had a reserved room at IHOP for the family then spent the day out at their farm. I will always love going up there, it seems like life just stops for awhile.

This week my nieces, Sarah and Kaley have been going to a Prairie Adventure day camp. They have to wear 1800's clothes and so far have made butter, apple pies, played croquet, learned to weave, play jacks and marbles. They are sure having a blast. Kirsten is loving having her cousins here again this summer. I am loving the extra help with her. More to come soon!