Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Cakes

So once Again I have to show off my cakes. This one is my second cake. That week we learned to do 3 Dimensional figures. So the cake was a little weird with penguins, roses, a frog, sweet pea flowers and a Christmas tree. I did leave off the bunny rabbit and pumpkin, those would have been a stretch. Jeremy took it to work and his co-workers loved it so much that they took up a pool to pay for me to take class two, as long as they get the cake every week!
This week I wanted to practice putting a princess on a cake. I figured it was successful because I came home and Kirsten exclaimed "It's my Snow White Cake!" So I guess that if a two year old can recognize it, not so bad. Now we will see how I do with Barbie Island Princess this week....

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