Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthdays, Flowers and Bikes

So Kirsten is officially 3! We took her to Build-A-Bear on her birthday and she made a Snow White Bear. No surprise there! She insists that it is her baby and feeds it, takes it potty, and has to wrap it up in a blanket and put it to sleep in a box, since we don't have a cradle. Girls....

She also got a bike for her birthday from my mom. We thought she would need some help figuring it out since she would never even peddle on her little Fisher Price bike. She got right on it though and rode off. We have spent a minimum of 3 hours everyday for the past week outside riding her bike now. At least there are always neighbor kids out riding their bikes too and so I have other adults to talk with while she plays.

Today Jeremy came home from work with two long stem roses for Kirsten. She screamed in delight and then proceeded to make it very clear that they were her's and not mommy's. Jeremy brought me flowers a few weeks ago and she cried for two hours because they were not for her. I guess this makes up for it. Again, Girls.....

I am working on getting ready for school to start and making all of the final scheduling plans for trumpet and piano lessons this year. The new principal at my middle school changed the schedule all around, so of course it does not line up with Kirsten's preschool perfectly anymore. I should have known it was too good to be true. I did find a sister from our ward that moved into our neighborhood three weeks ago that runs an in-home daycare. She is going to watch Kirsten for me on the days when the schedule doesn't work out for her school. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father puts the people we need in our path at just the right time.

Jeremy has been super busy getting ready for the audit of our ward. He is spending almost all of his free time at the church with the other clerks making sure everything is perfect for this Sunday. We will be happy when this is past. He is doing fabulous at work and was actually asked this past week to be on the emergency preparedness team for his group. So now he has a nifty vest and helps run drills, makes sure everyone gets out ect... He is excited to have some responsibility in his group. More to come soon!


Mom Alleman said...

Hi Laura,

I just finished reading your blog for the second time--it's so great to hear how well you are all doing! We are so proud of Kirsten and love you and Jeremy so much!

Mom Alleman

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Girls are drama queens,huh! Well im glad she got spoiled a little with flowers, she is sure a daddy's girl! She does really good on her bike, one day she'll learn how to turn it around, but for now its all good. Good luck with the scheduling for classes this year. im glad you found someone close by to take care of Kirsten. Oh, and i know what book it is you were wanting to tell me about for Jordon's waking up habits. He does fine at night but it's during the day that he does the "45 minute interupter". I have baby wise from my sister which i love and have been using. i just havent read it all so i didn't know about the 45 minute thing, but now i do. of course yesterday and today he's been sleeping a lot, shots! Well, take care, we love you!

roadrunner said...

Hi guys!
My mom (Aunt Kathy) sent me an e-mail with a link to your cute blog. I had to come take a peek at your cute family! Kirsten is getting so big. Three already? Wow!! I love all the cute princess stuff you did for her birthday. Her cake looks amazing! You did a really great job!
-Jeni Boston
P.S. If you want to visit our blog the address is I have links to all of my family's blogs and to Hoku & Aarons on there.