Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kirsten's 3rd Birthday Party

Kirsten had her 3rd Birthday Party yesterday. The theme was Barbie Island Princess, which she chose herself. I figured that after 3 months of not changing her 2 year old mind, I would humor her. I made her cake, the grand finale of 4 weeks of cake decorating class! We had 8 three year old girls over, and one lone little boy. Most of the girls came dressed up in princess costumes. Kirsten had a ton of fun and sure was a "Princess for the Day." She will of course get to be a princess again tomorrow on her actual birthday. I can hardly believe that it has been three years since she was born. It still feels like yesterday, yet so much has happened and changed since then. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
The Cake


Playing with her friends
Pin the Tiara on the Princess
Cake Time!!!
The Pinata


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Happy Birthday Kirsten! Sorry we missed the party. i thought it was on Monday, sorry. I'm glad everything went well, she looks like such a princess. Im glad it was a great party. Hope to see you guys soon! Take care

AnoelleB said...

Holy COW I miss you guys!