Friday, October 31, 2008

Week of Halloween

We feel like we have been celebrating Halloween for an entire week around here and are definitely ready to be away from the candy. Last Friday we kicked off the holiday with a trunk-or-treat with our neighborhood Mom's club and then had a pot luck picnic at the park. We had so much fun and feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful, active neighborhood. Saturday was our HOA Halloween party.
On Monday Kirsten got to wear her costume to dance. Unfortunately I did not take my camera to that party, but 11 of the 12 girls were princesses. Go figure...
Thursday Kirsten got to wear her costume to school and they had a Fall Festival. I was able to find time between lessons to go and volunteer and I loved being able to see her with her friends. They had carnival booths, face painting, a bounce house and a pumpkin patch. There is another girl named Kirsten in her class and they both came dressed as Snow White. The teachers loved it, what are the chances!
Thursday night we went to our Ward's trunk-or-treat and chili cook off. Kirsten had fun with her friend Kinsley, who had spent half the night asking everyone if they had seen Kirsten. It was nice to have some time to get out and socialize. We have gotten so busy that I do not get to do that as much as I would like.
Tonight, Jeremy's mom, dad and his sister Megan came up and brought dinner for all of us. Kirsten had fun trick or treating with her Aunt around the neighborhood. After they had to leave we trick or treated my dad's house and then I crashed on their couch while Jeremy took Kirsten around some more. After her second pumpkin load, we finally decided to call it quits. It was sure a lot of fun.
I spent so much time sewing Kirsten's costume that I am glad she got so much use out of it. She told me in July that she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. I was a little surprised, I did not know that she knew what Halloween was, but she has not wavered, and has loved being Snow White for an entire week.

Kirsten on Halloween
Kirsten and Kinsley
Kirsten at the Rockin' Ranch Moms Trunk or Treat
The Kirstens
Carving Pumpkins with Daddy


Cassie said...

Sounds exhausting! And fun! Great work on Kirsten's costume, and thanks so much for mailing Beth's costume to us! Happy Halloween you guys!


Cassie said...

You have the cutest little girl, she and her dress look great. Thanks to you guys Beth looked cute too. Thanks so much, we love you.
Cassie and Kids

~*Sporty Dork*~ said...

Kirsten is growing up so fast!!! I hope we can make it down there for christmas! BTW: kirstens costume is adorable!


PS did u know i had one of these too? check mine out.

Mom Alleman said...

Even though we were able to see Kirsten in her Halloween costume--it was just as much fun looking at all the pictures!! She is the perfect Snow White.

Mom Alleman