Sunday, November 30, 2008

So you think you can dance?

Kirsten can! She had another peek-a-boo day at dance last week and I could hardly believe how much she has learned in just a few short months. I took some videos of ballet and pictures of tap. Enjoy!

Kirsten's Solo

The Hokey Pokey

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving this week. We drove to Oklahoma on Wednesdsay night and took my little brother John with us. Kirsten had been talking for a week about going to Papa Adams farm in Oklahoma (which she pronounces Okyhoma). I am so glad that she is able to grow up loving my grandparents farm as much as I do. It seems like life stops when we go there, it is the one place in the world where I can fully relax.

We had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving with all the family. We roasted one turkey and my uncle John fried the other one - I was not brave enough to try it. Iva and Cole came with their two little boys, so they and Kirsten spent most of the day exploring the garden, chicken coop, train car and truck, playing tag and trying to figure out how to get through the fence to the cows.

Thursday night we all went to see Twilight. I liked it more the second time. Jeremy liked it, my mom and Clinton not so much though. John liked it as did Kirsten - I know, I'm crazy, but since everyone went, we had no one to watch her. Besides, she has been begging for weeks to see it and told me that she is going to marry Edward. She is growing up way too fast.

We did some mega shopping on Friday and then headed home. My mom and Clinton came with us and he and Jeremy got the Christmas lights put up yesterday. It is fun to be getting into the Christmas season. I can hardly wait for our trip to Denver in just a few weeks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Mania

So we did it! Kacey and I actually went to the 12:01 showing of Twilight this morning. Yes, I know I am crazy. By the time I got home I had been up 21 hours, I slept three, and have now been up for another 18. I am so ready to sleep.

That aside, we had a great time. We of course went to Cheesecake Factory before heading up to the theatre. I think that half of our stake was there. I was surprised to see so many men there and even a seminary teacher that had to teach this morning!

The movie was okay, but the experience was great! I think Rob Pattison was awesome, but that Kristen Stewart left much to be desired-like emotion! That is all I will say because I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. It is definitely worth seeing at least once. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've been tagged!

8 TV Shows I Like
1. Criminal Minds
2. As The World Turns
3. CBS 10 O'Clock News
4. ?
Who has time to watch TV these days?!

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. On The Border (they know us by name, pathetic, I know)
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. LaHacienda Ranch
4. Chick-fil-A
5. Chilis
6. Genghis Grill
7. McAllister's Deli
8. Peter Piper Pizza (for Kirsten anyway)

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Woke up at 6 am
2. Went to Weight Watchers (I made 30 lbs!)
3. Did a step aerobics class at the gym
4. Made a crock pot of soup
5. Baked 4 loaves of bread
6. Fixed the vacuum cleaner
7. Ooohed and Aaahed appropriately at Jeremy putting up gutters
8. Spent 3 hours organizing Kirsten's room - you can't tell a difference now
9. Went on a date with Jeremy (I know that is 9, but I couldn't leave it out!)

8 Things I am Looking Foward To
1. Being financially independent - we love you Dave Ramsey!
2. Losing another 30 lbs
3. Cutting back on Piano lessons
4. Watching Kirsten grow up
5. Disneyland in May
6. Denver in December
7. Being a temple worker again
8. Going on another mission, this time with Jeremy

8 Things I Love About THIS Fall
2. Football games
3. Thanksgiving on Grandma's Farm
4. Homemade Soup
5. It has been relatively warm
6. Down comforter
7. Snuggling with Jeremy when it gets cold
8. Halloween with Kirsten

8 Things on My Wish List
1. Wood floors in my house
2. Tile in the bathrooms
3. New entertainment center
4. Going to Europe for our 10 year anniversary
5. Matching Bedroom Furniture
6. A Honda CRV
7. A back the does not hurt all the time
8. Another child

8 People I tag
Amy Burr, Amy G, Jodi, Mom, Sarah, Mom Alleman, Kacey, Anne