Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Sunday

Today was a big Sunday for Kirsten. About half way through Fast and Testimony meeting she jumped out of her seat and said "I want to go up there! Come on Daddy!" So Kirsten drug Jeremy up to the stand and sat there patiently for her turn while about 6 other people bore their testimonies. When it was her turn, she said "I love Heavenly Father and I love Jesus. I like to read the Book of Mormon and I know that President Monson is the Prophet. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I was beaming with pride. Of course she whispered and so practically no one heard her, but still!!!

During the second hour, her entire nursery class came in for singing and sharing time. There are 21 soon to be Sunbeams in our ward. She was so thrilled to see me behind the piano and sat with her arms folded the entire 45 minutes! During sharing time I came down and sat next to Jeremy and Kirsten. It was great to have our entire family together in primary. We will have time to get used to it because Jeremy found out today that he will be teaching Kirsten's Sunbeam class after the first of the year.

Kirsten also decided today that she is too big to take baths and insisted on taking a shower all by herself. Such a big Sunday of firsts for such a little girl!

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Eric & Amy said...

That was a big Sunday for Kirsten! We couldn't hear anything she was saying at the back of the gym, but the fact that she wanted to bear her testimony at age 3 speaks volumes of you guys as parents. And I could totally relate while watching you and your cute fam in Primary. It was a big day for you all! So special!