Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Cards

So the Christmas cards are finally finished and sent. I hand made 65 cards this year. 55 of them were of my own design, the others I made at workshops or got from card club.
I know that I missed some people, and so I apologize. In case you didn't get one, and if you care to read it, below is our Christmas letter. Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Family and Friends
It seems like 2008 has flown by. I can hardly believe that another year has come to an end and that yet another Christmas is upon us.

This year has been eventful and very busy for our family. It seems like we spent the entire spring traveling to see family. In May we went to Utah for a week for Jeremy’s brother, Zach’s wedding. We were able to make the most of the trip by visiting with both of our families. A few weeks later we went to Kansas and Jeremy and I were able to see Wicked the Musical. Kirsten got to take her first trip to the zoo with Grandma Starnes in Topeka, which is also the first zoo that Jeremy went to when he was little.

In July, Laura’s sister, Anne, got married. Laura spent most of May and June helping plan and we are so thrilled for her and her girls. Sarah and Kaley spent two weeks with us after their mom’s wedding, which is the shortest summer they have had with us. Kirsten always loves having her cousins here.

In August Laura took a trip all by herself to California. She was able to visit her sister, Jenny, in Orange County and go to Disneyland. Then she went to northern California and was able to see her best friend, Christie get married in the Oakland Temple. She was also able to spend a few days sightseeing in San Francisco.

Kirsten is growing up so quickly. She took swimming lessons this summer and is a little fish. In fact, we spent almost everyday this summer at the pool. She started dance classes in September and loves it. She also started going to preschool two days a week and comes home everyday knowing new things and is actually starting to read a little bit. She is such the little social butterfly and calls anyone new she meets, friend, until she learns their name. She is starting to play the piano and will not let a day pass without her lesson. She loves to play dress up and role play like she is a princess and plans her wedding about 10 times a day. The best thing though is to watch her play by herself in her room and realize that when she thinks she is alone she is always singing to herself.

Laura is staying busy teaching. Between piano and trumpet lessons she has 32 kids this semester. She is hoping to cut back a little next year and spend more time with Kirsten. She is still the primary pianist in our ward and is excited to have Kirsten join her in primary in a few short weeks. Laura has also taken up stamping and spends what little free time she has making cards.

Jeremy is still working at Blue Cross Blue Shield and loving every minute of it. It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy what you do and who you do it with. He is also taking a Game Programming class at UNT this semester and is excited to be programming again since he does Databases all day at work. He was just released as Ward Clerk over Finances and is now serving in the nursery. It has been a blessing to all go to church in one car for the first time in our marriage. He has stayed busy doing home improvement projects and with the help of his dad and brother, Chris, actually put up gutters around the house.

We feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and pray that you will have a wonderful Holiday Season.

With Love,
Alleman Family

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