Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Parties

So after blogging nearly everyday last week, I have let this week fly by me. I just finished teaching my last ever late night piano lessons! I will miss the kids, but I am so excited to have more time with Kirsten and to maybe even clean my house and cook dinner.

We had an ice storm this week and they closed all the schools on Tuesday. I was not about to complain about a day in sweats at home with Kirsten. She had fun ice skating on the back porch and eating the ice off of everything.
Last night Kirsten went to a Christmas Party for her Dance Studio. It was hard for me to let Jeremy drop her off and be at the party by herself. Of course, we got over that as soon as we realized we were childless for 3 hours and we actually went on a date for the first time in a few months.
Today her school had a Birthday party for Jesus. She was very upset when he did not show up. I was able to go for a few minutes during my break at work and got some pictures of their ornament exchange. They did it musical hot potato style. Kirsten was thrilled to get a snowman ornament since we had taken a snowman ornament.

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