Friday, January 16, 2009


I am totally addicted to saving money. What do I mean, you may ask? This summer I dabbled in coupons a little but then let it go by the wayside for a few months. My new year's resolution is to do it everyweek. I just got back from Walgreen's and purchased
2 Revlon nail polishes
1 Revlon eye shadow
1 Revlon lip stick
2 Speed Stick deoderants
2 Glade air freshener spray
1 Jergens lotion, 16.8 oz
1 Electrasol 25 ct gel packs
1 16 pack Kotex pads
1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste

The grand total, $8.74!!!! I saved a total of $43.82!!!! Plus, I just applied for $9 worth of rebates for this receipt, meaning that this will actually be a money maker!
Last week I spent $18.22 on $72 worth of stuff. Let me tell you, I am hooked. I am going to keep a running total this year and post it. Maybe I will save enough to finance our Disneyland trip in May!!!!


Eric & Amy said...

It IS addicting! Bravo. I love coming home and looking at my receipts! Great job on your shopping trips!

Michelle said...

That's awesome! Where do you look for coupons/rebates?

AnoelleB said...

Holy crow, I'm in AWE.

Mom Alleman said...

Way to go, Laura!! You are an inspiration to us all!!

ellen said...

That's amazing! Especially with makeup! You should go on Oprah and share your tips!