Monday, January 5, 2009


So this is a little late, but I went on vacation for over a week without my computer, a mistake I will never make again!

We had a great Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, we had my dad and Patty over. We sang Christmas Carols, drank apple cider and acted out the Christmas story. They came back over on Christmas day to exchange presents. Kirsten especially loves the Greg Olsen puzzle that they gave her and the Cinderella doll set from Disneyland. We were able to enjoy Christmas dinner at my dad's. I made a ham, rolls and an apple pie to contribute. It was a special treat to see my brother John on Christmas too.
During the day on Christmas Eve we went to Jeremy's parent's house to celebrate. Stu made a beautiful oak doll cradle for Kirsten and Cindy made bedding to go with it. They also gave her a cabbage patch doll which she named Kirsten and never lets out of her sight.

Leaving cookies for Santa.
Annual matching pajamas.
Kirsten's loot.

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