Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Growing up too fast

Do you ever feel like time is flying by? I mean, how can January possibly be almost over?! I can hardly believe how big Kirsten is getting. She officially moved into a booster seat today. I had been focusing on when she would be big enough for a booster, not when she would outgrow her carseat. We realized that she was only 2 pounds and 1 inch off of outgrowing her carseat. So into the booster she goes. When we put her in it, it really caught me off guard that 1) She actually fits in it, and 2) How grown up and big she looks sitting in it. And yes, it is pink and has hearts and crowns all over it.

We have been enjoying Jeremy being out of school for the last 6 weeks. He starts class next Monday. I am not looking forward to another semester, but it helps knowing that it will be the last.

Last Saturday we had my friend Miranda over with her boyfriend, Aaron. Miranda and I were both trumpet players together in high school. We have not seen each other since our sophmore year of college. She is working on a DMA in trumpet at UNT, my alma matter. It was fun to catch up after 9 years. We pulled out old photo albums and senior books and told stories. Kirsten told me afterwards that when she is in high school, Kinsley will be her best friend and they will laugh together too.

Kirsten is doing really well in school. She is becoming close friends with several of the kids in her class and I am enjoying the opportunities to get to know more of their moms. She went to a birthday party for Zander from her class this past Saturday. They had it at this McDonalds in Little Elm that actually has a pirate ship in it. Tons of fun. She insisted on buying him a pirate toy since it was a pirate party.

Our weather has been crazy lately, we never know what to wear in the morning. Tomorrow it will be 80, this picture is from last Thursday. She got all bundled up, thermal underwear and all, to go to school. She especially loved the gloves and headwarmer that Kacey gave her.

That is about all that is going on here. I love being able to teach less. Today we went to the gym, did 6 loads of laundry, spent 2 hours at the park with Kinsley and Kyra, went grocery shopping, and even found time to play hide and go seek for a full hour and take a nap. She can sure wear me out!


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

how fast she's grown up! i just remember meeting her for the first time and that was when she wasn't even a year old at our wedding. Time does go fast, jordon's birthday is coming up in a couple of months and he is keeping me busy since now he has figured out the snake crawl and rolling and sitting up from doing all those things. and he might be going into a convertible carseat pretty soon, within a month or so. we enjoy your blogs, you need to help me with the whole couponing thing, because either it's too tedious for me or i need to see your system of how you do it. it's great with all the deals you get. we love you guys! keep up the good work!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Chris says...

That is a major milestone for Kristen ride in a booster seat. It's hard to believe that kids grow up so fast. Thanks for the updates, Darlene and I are learning that some of these changes sneak up on us pretty fast.