Monday, January 5, 2009


We took a wonderful vacation after Christmas. Kirsten was so excited to go and talked of nothing else. She packed her suit case 3 different times, and then packed herself in our suitcase.We left the day after Christmas at 6 in the morning. When we woke Kirsten up she was very grumpy. When we told her we were leaving on our trip she went and buckled herself into the car and sat there in the garage for half an hour until we were ready to go. We met Jeremy's parents in Denton and caravaned with them to Denver, CO. We stopped half way in Salina, Kansas and met my mom for lunch, which was a good treat. Denver was fantastic. Neither Jeremy or I had been there before. I was turned around the entire time because the mountains were on the wrong side of the valley (compared to Utah!)

The highlight of the trip was meeting baby Gavin. He was only a week old when we got there, and was already such an alert, active little guy. Kirsten's favorite thing to do while we were there was hold Gavin. She was so good at comforting him and supporting his little head.

Jason and Ellen were fabulous hosts, especially with having a new baby. It was especially wonderful to have all of Jeremy's family together. We had a blast playing American Idol and Disney Scene It. Kirsten loved seeing her cousin Eric and they held hands everywhere they went. Saturday night we ate dinner at Casa Bonita "the Disneyland of mexican restaurants". There were cliff divers, caves to explore, gorillas, puppet shows and a waterfall. Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out, but check out their website, it was awesome. Sunday we were able to attend Gavin's blessing at church. After church we had family pictures taken. What a huge crew we had. It was fun to see Jeremy's parents with all those grandkids! We had a wonderful time and are thrilled that we were able to go.
Monday we left Denver and headed to Kansas. My sister and her girls met us at my mom's house. On Tuesday we went to the zoo. Kirsten loved the lions and giraffes.

Kirsten and her cousins, Sarah and Kaley
We all got manicures on Wednesday and then rang in the new year with Dark Knight, sparkling cider and the ball drop. We headed home Thursday night. It is good to be home, but we had a fablous trip! Kirsten was able to see all of her cousins in one trip and had a ton of fun. She keeps asking when we get to go on another trip, but asked that we not forget to get on the airplane next time!


Eric & Amy said...

I LOVE Denver! And you're right, Casa Bonita is amazing. We stopped in there during a temple trip when I was a teen. Amazing! Although the food wasn't the best...from what I remember. Glad you had so much fun. Welcome back!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

It was great having you all here! It was so fun seeing Kirsten playing with her cousins Sarah and Kaley and her new Barbie House--brought back some memories. I remember going to Casa Bonita--it was cool! We finally received the receiver and actually got it hooked up and working. We will have it when you watch a movie here next time. Love, MOM

Cassie said...

What an adventure that all was. You must be tired. Unlike Kirsten, Eric has no desire to leave home again. Thanks for posting so faithfully. Love ya, Cassie and Crew

Mom Alleman said...

I loved the picture of Kirsten in the suitcase--she was such a trooper on the long trip to Denver. Thank you for sharing the great memories we have of our time in Denver!