Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kirsten's Room - Edited

So I had to edit this post, because Stephanie pointed out that I had spelled Kirsten's name wrong. The guys putting up the bed knocked a few of the letters down and put them back up themselves. I guess I should have checked the spelling, but it slipped by. I am so embarrased. Well, here is a new picture, with Kirsten and not Kirtsen.

We finally have Kirsten's room finished. We painted it pink, got her a bed, and put her name on the wall. We are only missing the vinyl lettering that I ordered. She sure loves the pink and calls it her Pink Princess Room.


Eric & Amy said...

What an adorable room! These little princesses love their pink!

Stephanie said...

Love the room, but isn't her name spelled Kirsten? The s and t are reversed! I need to work on Evan's room!

Michelle said...

It looks so cute! Sometimes I get jealous of people with girls--we have absolutely no pink in our house.

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog. You should TOTALLY come visit. It's amazing up here, especially in the summer--75 and sunny nearly all the time--how can you resist that?

Cassie said...

Oh my pink! Does it ever get dark in that new room? It looks wonderful; you must have put a lot of work to make it look so picture perfect. Love and miss ya.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Looks like my little princess! Can't wait to see it this weekend.

Love, grandma Starnes