Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chore Chart

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to do chores?!
We created Kirsten's first chore chart today. Everyday she has to make her bed, brush her teeth, pick up her toys and do one job around the house (vacumn, dust, mop, fold laundry, or help with bathrooms). When she does it, she gets a sticker. Good thing she loves stickers!! We are playing with the idea of giving her a commission when the chart is full because she loves to pay tithing. She insisted on making her bed tonight, before she went to bed, so that she could get a sticker. I hope that the excitement lasts.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disney On Ice

So I know that this is my third blog in about 10 minutes, but I am behind, Jeremy is actually home and is entertaining Kirsten, so I have a few minutes to play catch up.

Saturday we took Kirsten to Disney on Ice. I had more fun watching her reactions to everything than watching the show. Although, the show was great. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were the hosts, going on a magical adventure. Kirsten would laugh hysterically everytime that Goofy would fall down. They would travel the world and watch their favorite stories. We got full performances of Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, and of course Peter Pan. It was a ton of fun, and we will definitely go again next time it is here.

Wendy walking the plank
They're really flying!!!
Grand Finale

Park Pics

We had a dinner picnic at the park last week. It was a beautiful day wedged in between rain storms and so we had to get out.

Spring Break

So last week was Spring Break. I was thinking, yeah, a week off of work with nothing to do. Boy was I wrong. We were busier than every, but had a great time too.

We had plenty of tea parties
Painted the living room
Painted finger nails

Jeremy's brother Jason and his wife, Ellen, their 3 month old Gavin, and their dog Roxy, came to visit from Denver. Kirsten was so entranced by Gavin. She loved holding him and especially loved feeding him his bottles. She named one of her baby dolls, baby girl Gavin, and named her stuffed dog Roxy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend with Grandma

My mom came to visit this weekend for her birthday. She flew in Friday night, which was not soon enough for Kirsten. She ran around all day asking when grandma was coming and even helped me get the house ready for her. I took her to the airport in her pajamas since we would not be home until after 11 pm. Now she thinks that she always gets wear pajamas to the airport. Oh well.
Getting the house ready for Grandma Starnes
We spent Saturday morning shopping. We hit half price day at a consignment sale and bought 3 pairs of tap shoes for $1.50 each. Kirsten is set for size 11, 12 and 13. I love consignment sales! Saturday afternoon we went the temple and then we picked up Jeremy and Kirsten and went out to dinner. After dinner we came home and my mom re-covered my dining room chairs. They were covered in white fabric, so they were undoubtedly filthy. Well, now they are gorgeous. Thanks mom!
Sunday we got up and went to church. I was released as primary pianist, after 5 1/2 years, and was called as a Relief Society teacher. I taught my first lesson on Sunday, and was thrilled that my mom was able to be there for it.
Sunday evening we had a birthday party for my mom. My brother John came, Jeremy's family, and my Uncle Billy with two of his kids. We had brisket with all the fixings, and of course cake. I have not decorated a cake since Megan's birthday in October, so I am a little out of practice. Here it is though, with yellow roses, my mom's favorite.
After the party, we went outside to see my brother, John, show us some of his Kung-fu moves. He is learning a routine with a machete (YIKES!). Jeremy says that we should have him come over when Kirsten starts dating to "demonstrate" what he can do for her dates! I am really proud of him. He is getting ready to test for his black belt in Taekwondo, and his red belt in Kung Fu. I tried shooting a video, but it turned out too dark. I was able to lighten up the pictures some. They do not do justice to the amazing things he can do.

Monday we were able to watch Kirsten's dance class, which I know was a treat for my mom. We did some more shopping, and then took her to the airport (Kirsten insisted on wearing pajamas even though it was 3 in the afternoon). Thank you for coming to see us mom, and Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am totally excited. I went to Walgreens today and bought $122.29 worth of stuff. The grand total......
That's right. I could hardly believe it. On top of that, I have $8 worth of rebates to mail in. So, technically they paid me to take all their stuff!

Afterwards, I went to Target and bought a week's worth of groceries, toilet paper, Tide, Pinocchio, and a month supply of canned fruit, soup and canned tomatoes. The total, $60.67.

Jeremy says I am crazy, but to keep it up. I am totally addicted. It is so worth the hour or two a week of preparation to save this kind of money. You can do it too!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A typical day

My friend Jodi occassionaly blogs just what she did that day, and I love it!! With family and friends being so spread out, do you ever wonder what we actually fill our days with? So here it goes, this is what I did today.

6:30 Got up, enjoyed a quite breakfast with Jeremy, and packed his lunch
7:00 Got Kirsten up, Family Prayer
7:05-8:00 Rocked Kirsten while she cried frantically about missing daddy
8:00 Took a shower, got dressed, did my make-up, made Kirsten breakfast, packed her lunch, checked my e-mail, got Kirsten dressed, packed her preschool bag
8:55 Left the house
9:00-9:15 Held Kirsten at preschool while she cried frantically because she wanted daddy to take her to school (do you sense a pattern here?)
9:20-10:15 Taught 2 beginning trumpet lessons
10:30 - 11:45 Doctor's appointment
11:45 Lunch in the car
12-1:30 Taught 3 trumpet lessons
1:30 Went to the bank to deposit lesson checks
1:50 Picked Kirsten up early from school
2-3 Chiropractic Appointment that took WAY too long
3-3:50 Grocery Shopping
3:55 Barely squeezed into Sonic in time for half price drinks
4:15 Put groceries away
4:30 Talked to my sister while making enchiladas
5:15 - 6:45 Step Aerobics class
7:00 Dinner, Finally
7:30 Cleaned up dinner, organized my coupon binder, checked e-mail and blogged
That is about it. It is is now 8:oo and Kirsten had no nap today, so I should put her to bed, but she is having so much fun playing Little People with daddy.
I think that I will put myself to bed early tonight too, maybe after a bubble bath...
On second thought, I still have a Relief Society lesson to prepare for Sunday, the house to clean before my mom comes into town tomorrow night, my mom's birthday party to plan, and a sacrament meeting talk to write for next week. Oh well, so much for the bath.

What did you do today?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I never knew this - a must read for moms.

I was at a friend's house today and she asked me "Do you know when car seats expire?" What?!! I did a double take. Am I the only one that has never heard of this before? So I turned to the internet to do research, and sure enough, car seats expire. Apparently consignment stores and sales will not even take them within a year or two before the expiration date. I always just thought that you buy a carseat with your first kid and use if for the next 15 years for any other kids you have. We actually used a hand-me-down we got for free for 2 1/2 years for Kirsten. Most car seats have an expiration date printed on them, or if they don't, it is 6 years from the manufacture date. Something about the plastic breaking down and weakening over time. If you want more information, here is a link to that explains why they expire.

I think I have a new hobby

Yes, you can print these if you pay for a monthly or annual membership. The free version I used can only be shared on-line in a small format with advertisements. It is tempting to buy the membership though and print them and put them in the scrapbooks. It took 10 minutes to put together and is less expensive than buying all that stuff I have and never use!

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