Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chore Chart

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to do chores?!
We created Kirsten's first chore chart today. Everyday she has to make her bed, brush her teeth, pick up her toys and do one job around the house (vacumn, dust, mop, fold laundry, or help with bathrooms). When she does it, she gets a sticker. Good thing she loves stickers!! We are playing with the idea of giving her a commission when the chart is full because she loves to pay tithing. She insisted on making her bed tonight, before she went to bed, so that she could get a sticker. I hope that the excitement lasts.

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Jodi said...

We do 5 cents per chore (or per sticker because he gets the money at the end of the week). This helped me solve him wanting to buy this or that when we went to the grocery store. Now he is getting the idea of saving and paying tithing. It is never more than 50 cents a week so he usually buys candy or something. His chores include, collecting small garbage cnas, brining down laundry baskets, brining the garbage cans in from the road, picking up his play room, settting the table for utensils and putting the plates after dinner into the sink.