Thursday, March 5, 2009

A typical day

My friend Jodi occassionaly blogs just what she did that day, and I love it!! With family and friends being so spread out, do you ever wonder what we actually fill our days with? So here it goes, this is what I did today.

6:30 Got up, enjoyed a quite breakfast with Jeremy, and packed his lunch
7:00 Got Kirsten up, Family Prayer
7:05-8:00 Rocked Kirsten while she cried frantically about missing daddy
8:00 Took a shower, got dressed, did my make-up, made Kirsten breakfast, packed her lunch, checked my e-mail, got Kirsten dressed, packed her preschool bag
8:55 Left the house
9:00-9:15 Held Kirsten at preschool while she cried frantically because she wanted daddy to take her to school (do you sense a pattern here?)
9:20-10:15 Taught 2 beginning trumpet lessons
10:30 - 11:45 Doctor's appointment
11:45 Lunch in the car
12-1:30 Taught 3 trumpet lessons
1:30 Went to the bank to deposit lesson checks
1:50 Picked Kirsten up early from school
2-3 Chiropractic Appointment that took WAY too long
3-3:50 Grocery Shopping
3:55 Barely squeezed into Sonic in time for half price drinks
4:15 Put groceries away
4:30 Talked to my sister while making enchiladas
5:15 - 6:45 Step Aerobics class
7:00 Dinner, Finally
7:30 Cleaned up dinner, organized my coupon binder, checked e-mail and blogged
That is about it. It is is now 8:oo and Kirsten had no nap today, so I should put her to bed, but she is having so much fun playing Little People with daddy.
I think that I will put myself to bed early tonight too, maybe after a bubble bath...
On second thought, I still have a Relief Society lesson to prepare for Sunday, the house to clean before my mom comes into town tomorrow night, my mom's birthday party to plan, and a sacrament meeting talk to write for next week. Oh well, so much for the bath.

What did you do today?


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

sounds like you fill up your day! what a busy girl you are, of course i think all of us are, some more than others, my day is always full of keeping jordon away from the fireplace! good luck with the rs lesson and the talk. hope your doing well!

Jodi said...

Thanks, I enjoy reading what other people do every now and again. It often gives me ideas of new things to do too.

Cassie said...

You really do keep yourself busy, thanks for taking the time to keep us all up-to-date.