Sunday, April 5, 2009

Greatest Neighborhood Ever

I feel truly blessed to live in such an absolutely wonderful neighborhood. Four and a half years ago, we drove into Craig Ranch for the first time to see the home my dad was building. As soon as we pulled in, I almost started crying, and told Jeremy, this is where we are supposed to live. I know that this is where we are supposed to raise our family. Oddly enough, I was about 4 weeks pregnant with Kirsten at the time and had no idea. Since that day we have loved our life here and we never want to live anywhere else.

One of the things that makes our neighborhood the greatest ever, is our moms group. We have an amazing woman in our neighborhood, Vicki, who took charge and got us organized. I have been part of the group about a year now, but am just recently trying to get more involved. It is such a blessing to know your neighbors, to go for a walk and realize that you know at least one person on every single street. We have a website set up with a calendar and a message board, and have some sort of an activity almost everyday. Kirsten is making friends that she will go to school with once she starts Kindergarten, which will make that time in her life easier on all of us. Anyway, a long story short, I love where we live, and I love all of you moms. Thank you so much for being here and being a support system for our family.

Tonight we had an Easter Egg hunt and a potluck dinner at the neighborhood park. There were over a hundred people there. I had to drag Jeremy away, he was having such a good time bonding with some of the other dads. They are having a LAN party on Saturday just for the guys. We had a blast and I wanted to share some pictures.

Hunting for Eggs

Kirsten and Nikki -
they go to preschool together and are quickly becoming the inseperable duo.
Emma, Dora and Kirsten
they are on top of a 10 foot retaining wall. No fear....

We have this amazing walking trail that starts at the park and goes through our neighborhood. Suprisingly, we have never actually gone for a walk on it. So we decided to try it today. It was beautiful.


Vicki said...

Great pictures! I am so glad the entire family is enjoying the Moms group.

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

that is so great! i hope your neighborhood can do more things like that, it's great being able to get to know your neighbors! YOu guys look like you're having way too much fun!

Cassie said...

That does sound wonderful! It's great that you guys are so involved. Thanks for sharing the love.