Friday, May 22, 2009

Continuing with the trip

So Sunday we drove through LA and stopped at the LA temple. That is where my dad and step-mom were sealed so I have been there, but Jeremy and Kirsten were not with me. We spent the rest of Sunday with my little sister, Jenny. I do not know how I managed to not take any pictures with her, sorry mom, dad and Anne. We had a great time catching up and Kirsten loved spending time with her Aunt Jenny.

Sunday night when we got back to my Aunt and Uncle's house, we were talking in the living room and all of a sudden the house started to shake. That's right folks, there was an earthquake. I did not know whether to run, cry, scream or laugh. My uncle thought it was hilarious! I was in a state of shock for a few minutes, but we survived, so I guess it was cool.

Monday we met with my roommate from my Junior year of College, Emily Outhier. I guess it is Padilla now, she just got married. I saw her when I first got home from my mission, but it has been over 6 years now. She is one of those amazing friends that it does not matter how long we are apart, it feels like hours, not years. We decided to go hiking, which was beautiful, until a rattle snake passed in front of us. After hiking we drove past the Newport Temple - beautiful - and then on to Balboa Island. We went there during Spring Break of 2001, and so it was fun to be back there with her. We of course had to get Choco Bananas. We ate lunch on the roof top of Ruby's, on the edge of the pier. It was picturesque, and we even saw Dolphins swimming. Kirsten thought that was amazing, and wanted desperately to go swimming with the dolphins.

After lunch we rode the Ferris Wheel. It was smaller than the one at Disneyland, and she handled it better. Then a ferry ride back across, and we headed home.

On Tuesday morning we headed to San Diego and visited the San Diego Temple. I have been there a few times, and it is by far my favorite Temple. I went through it when I was 12 years old before it was dedicated. Maybe that is why I love it so much, it was the first temple I was ever able to go into.

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