Friday, May 22, 2009

San Diego Zoo

This is the last vacation post, but I realized that it is first. I have been blogging in order, which means that they are posting in reverse order. So if you wish to follow our vacation in order, scroll down to the one entitled Disneyland, and read them backwards. Sorry.

Tuesday we headed to the San Diego Zoo. I had heard that it was amazing, but that hardly covers it. I do not think that I will be able to go to any other zoo again. We started in the Reptile House, which surprisingly, she loved. She has decided that she wants a pet lizard, "because it does not have hair, so it won't make Grandma Lowe sneeze, and it will still cuddle with me and let me walk it." She picked out a teal green bearded dragon. Jeremy is entertaining the idea while I am thinking, NO WAY!!!!

Then we took the Skyfari to the top of the hill and worked our way down. That was a smart move, if you ever go you will want to do the same, it is steep. We started at the Polar Bears and then the Zebras. The picture is the one she decided was Marty (from Madagascar). There were a ton of monkeys. I honestly did not know that there were that many species of monkeys, birds, or lizards. The gorillas were fun. There was a baby that came near the glass, so everyone started taking pictures. The mother gorilla then came up and inserted herself between the baby and the picture takers. It was fascinating. There was an otter that I swear was playing with the kids. We spent forever watching Kirsten and the otter chase each other back and forth across the tank. She loved the giraffes and Koala bears also.

The best part of the zoo was of course the Panda Bears. We spent a lot of time watching them and reading about them. I have included several pictures of Sulia that was born 2 day before Kirsten. We got to watch her climb up and down a tree. It was breathtaking to watch. Kirsten of course wanted a stuffed Panda, which she has named Sia and will not part with.

After we wiped ourselves out at the zoo, we found the Marine Corps Recruitement Depot. My brother is in there for basic training, and loves it by the way. We obviously were not able to go and see him, but we thought it would be fun to take a picture to send to him.

That night my cousin Rachel and Michael with his wife Janika and daughter Emily came over for a cookout. Emily turned a year old this week and is totally adorable. She was following Kirsten around trying to copy her every move, which Kirsten loved. It was so nice to be able to meet her.

That brings us up to Wednesday when we flew home. The flights both way were totally uneventful, of course, since Jeremy was with me. Thank you Uncle Johnny and Aunt Verlanne for letting us stay with you and thank you Aunt Marilyn for helping us get to Disneyland. It was a much needed vacation. We had such a great time and can hardly wait to go back.

By the way, Jeremy got an A in his class, and his is officially Graduated!!!!! Thank you everyone for you prayers and support as he finished. We are happy and relieved. I have my husband back!!


Cassie said...

It's great to have our husbands around. Congratulations to Jerm, all the hard work paid off. Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing. Love ya!

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Hooray for graduating! Husbands are nice to have around! Sounds like you had a wonderful and quite eventful vacation, glad you guys are ok with the earthquake. Thanks for all the great pictures, you'll have to teach us how you do those slideshows and put them on the blog, we've been wanting to do that too. Glad you're all back safe and sound.

Eric & Amy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! So glad you were able to go!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

That is great--great trip and great to have hubby back!