Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trip to Kansas

We had a great trip to my mom's this weekend, other than the nightmarish flights both ways. It will be a long time until I purchase tickets on American again.

We spent almost all day Friday outside at Lake Shawnee. We went tip-toeing through the tulips and played around the waterfalls.

The highlight of the trip for Kirsten was the fishing trip with Grandpa Starnes. About three weeks ago she decided that she wanted to go fishing. I have no idea where that came from, we are definitely not fishers. The only person I know who fishes is my step-dad. So Kirsten called him herself and asked him to take her fishing when we came. When we got there my mom surprised Kirsten with her very own fishing pole. She is already talking about going again. I sense a tradition in the making.
This is what she thought of the worms
Kirsten Fishing at Lake Shawnee Junior (a stocked lake just for kids)
Her first fish. If you ask her how big it was she holds her hands out about 2 feet apart. She is already a true fisher!
No fishing trip is complete without a little mud!

I somehow managed to not get any pictures of the rest of the weekend. I am so bad about photographing anything that is not Kirsten. On Friday night, my sister, Anne, flew in. We spent the night in Kansas City having a much needed girls night out. Saturday morning we picked my little brother, John, up at the airport and then drove back to my mom's house in Topeka.
Saturday was my mom's hooding ceremony for her MBA. We were so thrilled to be able to celebrate this special day with her. The rest of Saturday was spent maternity clothes shopping for Anne. She is 18 weeks along now, and the cutest pregnant lady ever! Kirsten is especially excited to have a new baby in the family. That night we also had a Happy Birthday and goodbye party for John. He will be 23 tomorrow, and reported for basic training in the Marines yesterday.
Sunday was relaxing after church, and then we came home Sunday night, after more and more delays.....
Here is one more picture I got of Kirsten on the swing in front of my mom's house. They are on the last street that is part of the city limits, and it sure feels a little slower and calmer out there.
So now it is back to life and reality. Jeremy finishes school next Tuesday, so this week will be super busy for him as his gets his program perfected. Kirsten and I are sure looking forward to having him around more.


Eric & Amy said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Oh how I love and miss KS. There is a lot of beauty there...and a lot of amazing parks! So glad you had such a great time with the family! And if I understood correctly, huge congrats to your mom for her MBA!

Cassie said...

What a beautiful girl! We sure are glad that you had a great trip and congratulation to your mom on her MBA, that's great. Good luck to Jerm on the last week of classes.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am so glad that Kirsten had fun. Thanks for the congrats for my MBA from Jeremy's side of the family. I will try to find the cord for Clinton's camera and download some more pictures of Kirsten and of my Hooding Ceremony. My sister Iva is bringing my mom and dad to Wichita this Saturday for my Graduation. CC had his last Band Concert last night. Love, MOM

The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Glad you guys had a good time, and that kirsten enjoyed fishing and getting muddified! Congrats to your mom, good luck to Jerm. Sorry about the flight issues, but at least Kirsten was a great trooper.

Mom Alleman said...

We really enjoyed the pictures of your trip to Kansas--thank you for posting them!! Your Mom is an inspiration and we want to congratulate her on her MBA!