Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Date

Kirsten went on her first date last night, with her daddy, of course. Jeremy and Kirsten went to our HOA's Daddy Daughter Dance. Kirsten had such a good time and Jeremy is sore today from all the move busting! I spent half the day with Kirsten rolling her hair, painting her nails, and applying just the right amount of lip gloss. She was insistent that everything be just right. I topped her off by letting her wear the pearls my mom gave me last year for Christmas. Jeremy was so sweet and even bought her a corsage. I hope that all of her dates treat her this well in the future.
All dolled up and ready to go.
Jeremy and Kirsten
On their way!
After they left for the dance, I went to BUNCO night with some friends. I think that I will become a regular each month, it was so much fun! I stayed out way too late and Kirsten and Jeremy were both asleep when I got home. Kirsten did not waste a second this morning though to come running into our room and proceed to tell me all about it. She is already planning for next year's dance! Thank you Jeremy for being such a wonderful dad. Kirsten loves and adores you. We could not ask for a better daddy or husband. I love you!


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

It's so great that Kirsten had a wonderful date with Daddy! She looks so pretty in her dress and all dolled up. I love the corsage!

Vicki said...

Paul was so sad to miss the dance this year. He had a great time last year. Can't wait to hear about bunco

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten was so beautiful, made me jealous! I never got to go to a Daddy Daughter Dance with my Dad. I am so glad that Kirsten is able to have a dad that does things with her like this and is a good hubby too. Love you all bunches. MOM

Kristen said...

That is so cute. It reminds me again how much I want a little girl!