Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nothing too exciting

Not too much has happened this week that is really worth blogging about, but I like blogging, so I am.

My nieces, Sarah and Kaley, flew in on Saturday night. They will be here for 3 weeks this summer. They have been staying with us every summer for 6 years, and this will be their shortest stay. They actually want to do things this summer like go to Chicago, Florida and Michigan. I used to be the most exciting part of their summer, but not any more. My gym is letting teenagers work out free this summer, so they have been going with me everyday this week. They are also taking swimming lessons this week from Jenny, Kirsten's teacher. If I planned ahead, I would have planned their lessons together so I wouldn't be going for 4 weeks straight, oh well.

I am also helping out with watching a friend of mine's twins girls this summer. It has been so great having them here. Kirsten looks forward to the days they come over and begs for them on the days they don't come. It is wonderful for her to have kids to play with so I can get some things done. The hardest part of this week has been going from having one kid to five kids. It is was more exhausting than I imagined. I feel like I spend my whole day in the kitchen cooking a meal or cleaning up a meal. Do you know how long it takes to get 5 kids in swim suits, sunscreen, shoes, and into the car?!! Wow, I had no idea. I have a new found respect for mothers with large families. I do not think I am cut out for it. It is a good thing it is only temporary.

We are leaving tomorrow after swimming lessons for Oklahoma. We are going to visit my mom and grandparents and see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance. I am especially excited that my Uncle Larry will be there with the Orchestra and that we will get to see him.

Jeremy was able to work from home this past Tuesday for the first time. It was difficult to have him home and leave him alone, but we managed. It was wonderful to have him home for lunch and to spend the extra two hours with him that he would have been on the road. If all goes well, they will let him work from home on Thursdays also, so we will have him two days a week!

That is about it. We are spending most of our free time at the pool trying to stay cool. Kirsten is getting more confident in the water and has even started jumping in on her own without anyone catching her. I have not decided if I am excited or scared to death about that! What's a mom to do...


Mom Alleman said...

You have such a houseful now! We are still trying to get up there to go swimming with you so that we can see Kirsten swim--hopefully next week. We look forward to seeing you this weekend and hearing the Mormon Tab perform--it should be a fun weekend!

Cassie Clines Alleman said...

It sounds like you have plenty exciting going on. Congrats on the swimming and good luck keeping up with her. We hope that everything goes great with your nieces and going to OK.