Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swimming Cars

So this has been yet another busy week at the Alleman household. Kirsten started swimming lessons this week. We decided to put her in private swimming lessons this year with Jenny from our ward. The city group classes were just not cutting it as far as I am concerned. I have also heard that the summer they turn 4 is usually when they are able to finally swim on their own. Kirsten has several friends with pools and we are at one of our neighborhood pools almost everyday, so I figured it was time to get intense!

We have spent the past two summers letting her swim in her life jacket, so she is having trouble moving her legs out from under her body and laying flat. I am grateful that Jenny is so patient and puts up with all of her stubborness.

All on her own
Straight legs, finally!
Face in
So now for the really exciting news.....
I finally convinced Jeremy that the 8 year old Honda Civic was not cutting it with all the extra kids I always seem to be hauling around these day. So last night we bought a Honda Pilot. I am totally in love with this car. It holds 8 people, which sounds crazy for our family of 3, but trust me, we will use it. Black was not my first choice in color, but it was the right one for us. I can hardly wait for my nieces to get here next week and actually have room for all of us to go places together.
We found out when we were trading in my car that it was in a pretty serious accident right before we bought it. We were young and naive and did not even know that Carfax existed, and assumed that a Certified Pre-Owned Honda would be a good car. So we hardly got anything for my car. I felt pretty angry when I found out, but I guess I cannot change the past. We were a whole lot more careful in picking out this car. By the way I highly recommend Honda Cars of McKinney. They were awesome! So here it is, our Black Beauty...


AnoelleB said...

Sweet ride!!

Stephanie said...

Yea! You finally got your new car! Drive it well! Have fun!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Very nice Laura! It will take you some time to learn to drive such a big car!! Love you.