Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. This year took on special meaning with my brother now serving in the Military. My entire family has always been very patriotic, but I never understood why my dad cried when he heard the Star-Spangled Banner, or any other patriotic song for that matter, until now. I love my brother so much and thank him for being willing to sacrafice everything else to serve our country and protect my family. He has been very close to my heart lately.

I have been training for the past 4 months to run my first 5K this 4th of July. It was an early, but good start to the day. Then we had a pancake breakfast at my dad's house. We did it Lowe Style with ice cream and strawberries. Then we headed out to the McKinney Parade.

Here is Kirsten Enjoying the best seat in the house.
After the parade, we went down the street to the car show and then the ice cream crank-off with taste tests! Kirsten was a little worn out by that point and did not enjoy it quite as much.

After a long nap that afternoon, we headed out to the fireworks show. The McKinney Red, White, and Boom Celebration is held in the Soccer Fields in our neighborhood. Our HOA hosted a BBQ for just our neighborhood across the street from the city celebration. We enjoyed the catered dinner and laughed as we looked at our group of several hundred and then across the street at the thousands packed in over there. Here is Kirsten with her good friend, Emma.
Our fireworks crew
Jeremy, Josh, Kaley, Kirsten, Otto, Anne and Sarah
Megan, Stu, Cindy, Patty, Walter
Laura, Jeremy and Kirsten


Mom Alleman said...

It was great to see Ann and her family and to visit with Walt and Patty! We really enjoyed watching the fireworks with all of you! We are also very proud of your brother, Laura, and just hope that he gets feeling better.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I am glad you had a Happy Fourth of July! Wish we could have been there. Love, MOM