Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Family

My sister and nieces left this morning. As soon as Kirsten saw Sarah and Kaley bring out their bags, she started sobbing. They have been here for three weeks, which will be our shortest summer visit ever. It just flew by. I am so glad that Kirsten loves her cousins and that despite the age difference, she is so close to them. It will be nice to have our house back to ourselves and to get back onto a more normal schedule, but I will really miss having those two girls here. Anne flew in last Thursday and her husband and step-son drove in on Friday. We have had quite the eventful week with everyone. They are headed to Florida now. They will hopefully get to watch the space shuttle take off on Saturday. I am so jealous.

On a side note, we made chocolate chip cookies the other day with margarine. I have only ever used butter, but I had margarine because it was free at Kroger last week. Let me tell you, I had not idea there would be such a difference. Seriously, they were the nastiest cookies ever. The batter was all wrong. It was creamy and thin and sticky. I only got 3 dozen out of my recipe that usually makes 5 dozen, and the cookies were really weird. The were flat and rubbery. You can bend them almost in half without them breaking. So strange. So to all of you bakers out there, there really is a big difference in using butter versus margarine. That is a mistake I will never make again.


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

glad you had so much fun with the nieces, it's always nice to have family visit, but then it's also nice to get the house back to normal. glad everything is going well for you guys!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Yes, butter really does make a difference! I sure am missing John too. I am very proud of him for working so hard and taking steps to change his life and his future. Love, MOM