Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Caution, I am complaining a little)

So I am not one to complain about getting rain. In fact I typically love it when it rains. I understand that it is a huge blessing to get rain, especially with the drought that we have been in. But seriously - A WEEK!!!! It has not stopped coming down since last Wednesday night, and according to the forecast I just saw, it will continue into the weekend. The whole world is saturated, and it is cold. Now for those of you who know me well, will know that to me, anything below 80 is uncomfortable, below 70 is unbearable, and below 60 my bones start to ache! So we have been averaging low 60's at night and mid 70's during the day. So I have been bundled up and freezing and just generally feeling wet and cold all of the time. YUCK!

The worst part though, is the feeling of being couped up in the house. Don't get me wrong, we are not sitting around, but it is not the same. Friday we went to storytime at the library, got some popcorn from our favorite little shop, and came home and watched movies. Jeremy and I went to the temple Friday night. Saturday we took Kirsten bowling (my camera battery died, so no pictures) and then spent a couple of hours at the mall before feeding the missionaries. This week has been fairly normal. Lessons for me and school for Kirsten - but no recess. Also, two T-ball games and a practice have now been cancelled.

Last night Kirsten snapped. It was seriously a little frightening. I was wondering who this monster was and what happened to my little angel. This morning was not much better, which was not good since we were having a play group at our house this morning. So with 10 kids under the age of 4, she threw the biggest fit of her entire life. So there I was comforting her and poor Zachary who had received her wrath (all over a plastic 1" blue puppy I might add). Not the best day ever. It got better when all the other kids left and I could put a movie on for Kirsten, Zachary and Maddison. After their mom came, I made Kirsten take a nap. Fortunately it lasted for two and half hours, almost all the way through piano lessons. This was a huge improvement from last night's tantrum that began during lessons. So after the nap all seemed to be back to normal, until she tried to go jump on the trampoline. So we went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner, gave her 12 tokens and let her run around. Then we spent an hour walking around Target, just to be out.

So Kirsten is in bed, it is still raining, and Farmville is not working. Sorry if I sound whiney. This rain is just really getting to me.

So some random questions.
Do you think that some people not wanting Mike Vick to play NFL football again is racist? The NAACP does

Did you know that Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart are engaged? That is what OK magazine at Target said tonight.

And my favorite
How will the baby get out of Annie's tummy? Kirsten would like to know....


Michelle said...

Sorry about the rain. I understand your frustration. I have a whole list of places to go on rainy days because I just can't handle staying in.

So, your last question reminded me of a conversation Brian had with my sister when she was pregnant. He asked her, "Where will the baby come out?" She paused for a minute and he asked, "Will it come out at the hospital?"

Mom Alleman said...

I know what you mean about the rain--we need it so badly--but we do miss the sunshine :) We hope that Kirsten is feeling better after her good nap. We love you guys!

Colette and Lance said...

Did you buy some cute rain boots for you and Kristen while you were at Target? I want to know who can make the biggest splashes on a walk tonight! I think this is the only way I can help my children not hate me for being in the house so much. Want to go on a wet walk with us tonight?

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I don't think it is racist to not want Mike Vick to play NFL football--he is a mean man.

I don't know who those people are that are engaged--but I have never been good at remembering names.

Unfortunately Annie is going to have a hole cut in her tummy to get her baby out, but it is better than not making it.

Hang in there God promised that he would not flood the whole earth again--so it will end. Love, You, MOM