Thursday, October 29, 2009


After the Race for the Cure, I jumped in the car with Kirsten and drove to Kentucky to help Anne with her baby. We only made it to Memphis on Saturday and then drove the rest of the way on Sunday. It is only supposed to take 13 hours to get to Lexington from here, but it took us 18 there and 19 to get back. I guess that is just the joy of driving with a 4 year old. I swear she had to stop about every hour to hour and a half. Oh well, at least we made it.

Kirsten and I both had trouble with our allergies while we were there. I think it is because they actually have a fall in Kentucky. This is what the trees in front of my sister's house look like.

Kirsten did point out that a few trees are starting to change here too, it is just not the same though.

Kirsten's favorite thing to do was hold Emily. She did it any chance she got, and was even able to give her several bottles on her own by the end of the week.

Of course, anytime that I held Emily, this is where Kirsten would put herself.

Here is a picture of all of us. We sure have a lot of girls in our family!

And finally, all four grandaughters. Still no grandsons in the Lowe family. Sorry.

We had a wonderful trip. It was crazy busy with all of the older kids and their homework and extra activities. I don't know how she does it all the time while working full time. I was sure happy to come home with just one! My sister seems to be falling back into motherhood fairly easily, her older girls are 12 and almost 14. Emily is a great baby, she eats nonstop, and she is beautful. She looks so much like Kirsten did as a baby that sometimes I actually thought she was mine and forgot that mine is 4 and sitting next to me. It was hard to leave, but great to come home. Kirsten and I missed Jeremy terribly, although he stayed super busy with work.

Jeremy's team at work actually won the Five Star Team Service Award this year for the entire company. Their team of about 10 were the first production team to ever win the award, it typically goes to development. He is doing such a good job and has really found his nitche. I am so proud of him, and thrilled that even the heads of the company recognize what a good job he is doing.

I will post soon what we have been up to since we got home. It has been quite a busy week.

Race for the Cure

Saturday, October 17th, I walked the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K. I went with two good friends, Haley and Kim.

I walked for my Grandma Adams, my mother's mom, who is a breast cancer survivor.

I had delusions of being able to run the 5K, but this is the crowd that we were in the middle of. When you are in the midst of 30,000 people, it is hard to move, much less move quickly.

It was a truly powerful event. I spent most of the walk crying. It was amazing to share stories and laugh and cry with others. This will have to become an annual event for me from now on. Thank you Haley for motivating me to do it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Life has been busy lately, but great. I finished Christmas shopping on Saturday except for Kacey and Tyler. What do you get two newlyweds for Christmas two days after their wedding? I still have a lot of sewing to do because most gifts will be homemade this year, but the supplies are purchased.

I finished Kirsten's Halloween costume tonight. She is going to be Alice In Wonderland. I could not find a pattern so I kind of pieced one together from various patterns that I had, made it bigger, copied an apron that Patty had, and VOILA! Alice in Wonderland. Note to the wise - never sew a dress whose pattern was intended for cotton out of costume satin - it was a nightmare! So you will have to wait until Halloween to see pictures, but if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty great. I also finished sewing a quilt for my sister's new baby, Emily. I will post a picture after I give it to her next week so she will still be surprised. I have also finished her baby announcements and am almost done with Kacey's wedding reception take aways. I am headed to my sisters this Saturday after running the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I am still not sure what possessed me to leave on a 14 hour drive by myself after getting up at 4 am to run a 5K, so please pray for Kirsten and me to be safe. When I get back from Kentucky in two weeks it will be time to finally start making Christmas Cards, pajamas and gifts. (Does anyone else feel this overwhelmed with their to-do list?)

So here are a few of the things that we have been up to lately.

Adoring Pictures of Emily

Who actually looks a whole lot like Kirsten at a week old.

Going to dance class.

Making homemade bread again - I gave this up for about two months- what was I thinking?!

and homemade butter to go on it.

Playing t-ball. Three games have now been rained out! But we love it when we get to go.

Playing with Sophie and other friends as much as possible.

My dad just got home from a month in Germany. He brought us home some hand painted pewter Christmas ornaments from Kathe Wolfhart and took some pretty amazing pictures. Here are two of my favorites.

This is a Fortepiano, a predecessor to the Pianoforte we now know as the piano. It was in a museum and he uncovered it to sneak a picture for me when no one was looking.

There is a story behind this picture. When I was in High School, my dad went to Germany on business and I asked him to take a picture of a castle for me. Everyone else got their gift, but no castle for me. The next time he went, he forgot his camera. So the third time I sent my camera with him and instead of a castle, I got an entire roll of pictures of a concentration camp. He went in August and got a few picture of a smaller castle, but his time he sent me this...

Thanks dad!

And finally, a very loud and obnoxious video of Kirsten playing the trumpet. I am so proud!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Dinner

So I made Four Cheese Tortellini for my family for dinner tonight-absolutely free! I got the actual cheese tortellini's for free from Schwan's when they were doing their promotion last month. I got a can of Hunt's pasta sauce and a loaf of garlic french bread for free as part of Market Street's meal deal, and a bag of salad for free at Market street for buying a bag of tomatoes that I will use in smothered chicken tomorrow. Not bad.