Friday, November 20, 2009

The infinite patience of Jeremy

Jeremy had jury duty on Wednesday. Luckily they did not choose him and he was home by lunch time. So naturally, I put him to work. We are going to be tiling our bathroom over Thanksgiving break (I will never understand why it was carpeted in the first place) so I had him start on the prep work. So in the true nature of his infinite patience, Jeremy let Kirsten remove the base boards. Seriously, he held the crow bar and she hit it. It took 3 hours, and would have probably taken him only 30 minutes or so. I am so blessed to have married the single most patient man on the planet!

Other than that, we have been staying busy around here. Kirsten started ice skating lessons on Monday. She really loves it. She did not fall down once, and was skating backwards, turning around while moving, and even did a ballet turn - all in one lesson!!! I could hardly believe it.

Yesterday her preschool had a Family Thanksgiving Lunch. I could not make it with my work schedule, so my wonderful mother-in-law went. Kirsten was so thrilled to have her Grandma Alleman at school with her. Thank you so much, mom.

I did not manage the midnight show of New Moon last night, I am just not willing to sacrafice a minute of my sleep right now. I am dying to see it though, and will have to find time soon. I would just go with some friends, but Jeremy wants to see it with me. I am not sure why I am married to the only man wanting to go, but I love it!

I am looking forward to a week off of work next week and am hoping to get a big chunk of my Christmas to-do list out of the way, as well as Kirsten's dress made for Kacey's wedding. I am almost done making Christmas cards - I picked a simpler design this year in the interest of time - so hopefully those will be out soon. I got a lot of presents made last week at Super Saturday at Church, so only a few more to make. We hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

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Mom Alleman said...

It looks like you guys are ready to start tiling! We are planning on being there next Friday to help. It was so much fun eating Thanksgiving lunch with Kirsten--she is such a sweetheart! Thank you, Jeremy, for being so patient and thank you, Laura, for being such a trooper! We love you guys!