Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last t-ball Game and other various things

This week was Kirsten's last two t-ball games. We are excited to finally be finished. Our last game was supposed to be Oct 14th, but we had 5 games rained out and re-scheduled. I will miss the seeing the other moms every week, but will enjoy having our evenings and weekends back. I guess that it is a bitter sweet.

Here she is her last time up to bat. I know I posted a few months ago her first time up to bat. Hopefully there is a difference.

Her last time playing pitcher.

Up to bat!

We had a party on Saturday at Peter Piper Pizza with her team to celebrate. We ordered a cake and balloons and ate tons of pizza. It was fun, but crowded. I was seriously cured of ever being tempted to have a birthday party there. We were able to hand out the trophies to the kids and I even made little cards to go on each of them. Here is Kirsten proudly showing off her first trophy - which now has a place of prominence in our living room!

Kirsten has been a busy little girl this week. On Wednesday she told me that she had a surprise for me. She took me into her room and pulled back her curtains to reveal that she had written the entire alphabet, in order, on the WALL!!! It was one of those "I am proud of you for being able to do it, but I am going to kill you for doing it" moments. After time-out and a long talk, she volunteered to clean it up by herself. Then we had her do it again on pink paper and tape it to her wall in the same place and let her surprise me again - and this time I got to be excited.

Every week at her preschool they memorize a bible verse that starts with the letter of the week. Typically they are short, but this week for "F" they memorized John 3:16 - and she did it. I cannot believe that she could memorize that entire verse. She was thrilled to get 2 treasures out of the box because she did such a good job.

Right now she and Jeremy are in the living room learning "sight words" from a set of flashcards our neighbor gave us. They have been sounding out words for an hour and a half now. Every time Jeremy decides they are done she protests and wants to do more. She spent all of sacrament meeting today writing the alphabet and then copying words I wrote for her. She is loving learning to read and write. I am so proud of her.

Jeremy and I are doing well- more of the same for us. My students had all-region tryouts this weekend and I am excited to find out tomorrow how they did. My brother, John, got engaged last weekend. I figure since he put it on Facebook, I can put it here. We are anxiously awaiting details. Her name is Silver and she is from Decatur (I think) and is in the Air Force learning Russian at the same linguist school as John. She is actually the one that got him looking into the linguist program last year. We are really excited for them.

That is about it here. This week will be a busy one, but that is how we like it.


Jodi said...

My mom is from Decatur (IL). Same place? All of her family still live there.

your daughter is so smart and willing!

What did she use to write on her wall? I hope it was easy to clean off!

Cassie Clines Alleman said...

Did you take any pictures of the original art work? It would be fun to save, and I'd like to see it. What a smart girl. We are very excited to see you.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Wow Kirsten you are getting so big and smart, I am so proud of you and your mama.