Monday, December 28, 2009


I forgot to mention that in addition to everything else that happened last week, we found out we are having a girl! We are so thrilled, especially Kirsten. Poor Jeremy will be out numbered. He is such a great father though, and is definitely cut out for fathering our little girls. I was officially taken off of High Risk status this week. We have been so blessed. Now if only I could get over this all-day sickness I have been having...


So in the midst of all the weddings, we did actually manage to have a Christmas around here.
Kirsten in her Christmas Dress.

We spent New Year's Eve at my dad and Patty's along with my mom and step-dad and John and Silver. We had dinner and decorated gingerbread houses.

Leaving Cookies for Santa

Kirsten's favorite present - a desk and chair. She also got a new bike from Santa.

We opened presents at our house on Christmas Eve so we could head to the Alleman's first thing on Christmas morning. I guess I should mention that we had a snow storm on the 24th and actually got several inches of snow. It was mine, Jeremy's, and Kirsten's first white Christmas.

We had fun opening presents with all of Jeremy's family. There were 20 people there and it took until after noon to finish. A highlight of the day was acting out the Christmas Story in full costume with her cousins and uncles.
Mary and Joseph

Mary and the Shepherd

Cousin Time!

Kacey's Wedding

Jeremy's sister, Kacey, was married on Wednesday. She married Tyler Andersen, from Blackfoot, Idaho. They left today to move to Idaho. We will sure miss Kacey, especially Kirsten. It was a beautiful wedding. The best part was having all of Jeremy's siblings here at one time. It seems like someone is always missing. It was sure an eventful day. The wedding at noon, pictures until 2, dinner at 3, and the reception at 7. We are sure happy for Kacey and Tyler and wish them the best.

The seven Alleman siblings

Kirsten had fun playing under the hoop skirt of Kacey's dress.

The flower girls

The whole Alleman crew together, finally!

The happy couple

John's Wedding

My little brother John surprised us this past week by marrying his fiance, Silver, over Christmas break. He is in the Marines and she is in the Air Force and had to get permission from both branches of the military. We knew it would be quick once they got everything squared away. I found out on Monday about the Tuesday wedding. I could not be happier for them and I have loved getting to know Silver better this week. She is truly a gem, and we are so thrilled to have her in the family. Kirsten has actually decided that we should name our baby Silver.

The happy couple

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Various December Happenings

Time has been flying by lately and I have not had much time to post. Kirsten finished her first semester of ice skating lessons this week. We are still trying to decide if we will do them again January because she also wants to do T-ball again this spring. She is definitely a natural though. Here is a video of her third class. I forgot the camera the last few times, but it is amazing how much she learned in such a short amount of time.

Kirsten is being mommy's super helper, like always. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen when the washing machine finished. I came into the hallway to find her unloading the washing machine!

Today was her preschool Christmas Party. Here she is waiting for the ornament exchange to start.

They put on a totally adorable Christmas Play today at her preschool. Kirsten was an angel (surprise!) and loved singing for us. Jeremy took the morning off of work to go and video taped the whole thing. Jeremy's mom and Kacey's fiance, Tyler, also were able to come. She sure had a crowd cheering for her! Isn't she the cutest angel ever (in the cutest costume I threw together at 11 pm last night, I might add)

Kirsten insisted on writing a letter to Santa this year. She loves to write and read all of the time now. She had a Christmas Party for her dance studio last night - sorry, no pictures - but she looked adorable in her red sparkly party dress. She put the letter in an envelope and took it to Santa at the party. (This was, by the way the third time she has seen him this year, and her wish list has not varied in the slightest over the past month. Thank goodness she is consistent!)

Dear Santa
I want a bike,
8 movies
2 dolls, a desk
love Kirsten Lee Alleman

She is too cute. We are so excited for Christmas this next week and to see all the family coming into to town for Kacey's wedding. We are also excited that my Marine brother is coming home for Christmas too. It is sure to be a great holiday!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ready for Christmas

I think that we are almost ready for Christmas around here. The tree is up, all the shopping is done, Kirsten's dress is made, Christmas cards are finished, and we visited Santa. We still need to put lights up outside, mail the Christmas cards, and make the pajamas. I decided that the niece and nephew presents will not get finished, so they will have to be for birthdays this year.
We had to put the Tree in front of the fireplace this year because our normal spot is now taken up by the bigger TV and entertainment center we aquired this year. So the stockings are on the counter and no fires this year, but oh well.

Yesterday our neighborhood had a breakfast with Santa at the clubhouse. It is always so beautifully decorated with such good food. Kirsten loved seeing Santa this year. She woke up at 6 am begging to go. It was great to have time to visit with so many friends while enjoying a great breakfast. I feel blessed to live in such a great neighborhood. So here are this year's Santa pictures (I didn't splurge for the professional ones this year-we are trying to cut back).

Just a few more weeks until Kacey's wedding and then Christmas!!!

On a side note, my oldest niece, Sarah, is 14 today! Where has time gone?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I woke up this morning to Kirsten saying "mommy, I wanna go play in the snow, I wanna play in the snow, please, please, please!"
I did not think much of it because she has been asking to play in the snow since last December when we went to Denver. So I rolled out of bed, looked out the window, and decided to let her go play in the snow!

I cannot believe that it actually snowed here. I am one that HATES the COLD! If I can't go swimming, it is too cold. I am of the belief though, that if it has to be cold, we might as well have something to show for it. The snow melted pretty quickly because as it warmed up, it turned to rain. We are supposed to get more on Friday though. I am not thrilled, but Kirsten sure is!

Last week, when it was 80 degrees, we went to the zoo. Kirsten and her friend Michael held hands for 4 hours while we walked around the zoo. I am going to have to keep my eye on him....

Here are Kirsten, Kiley, and Michael in the dinosaur egg.

And Kirsten's all-time favorite animal, the giraffe!