Thursday, December 17, 2009

Various December Happenings

Time has been flying by lately and I have not had much time to post. Kirsten finished her first semester of ice skating lessons this week. We are still trying to decide if we will do them again January because she also wants to do T-ball again this spring. She is definitely a natural though. Here is a video of her third class. I forgot the camera the last few times, but it is amazing how much she learned in such a short amount of time.

Kirsten is being mommy's super helper, like always. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen when the washing machine finished. I came into the hallway to find her unloading the washing machine!

Today was her preschool Christmas Party. Here she is waiting for the ornament exchange to start.

They put on a totally adorable Christmas Play today at her preschool. Kirsten was an angel (surprise!) and loved singing for us. Jeremy took the morning off of work to go and video taped the whole thing. Jeremy's mom and Kacey's fiance, Tyler, also were able to come. She sure had a crowd cheering for her! Isn't she the cutest angel ever (in the cutest costume I threw together at 11 pm last night, I might add)

Kirsten insisted on writing a letter to Santa this year. She loves to write and read all of the time now. She had a Christmas Party for her dance studio last night - sorry, no pictures - but she looked adorable in her red sparkly party dress. She put the letter in an envelope and took it to Santa at the party. (This was, by the way the third time she has seen him this year, and her wish list has not varied in the slightest over the past month. Thank goodness she is consistent!)

Dear Santa
I want a bike,
8 movies
2 dolls, a desk
love Kirsten Lee Alleman

She is too cute. We are so excited for Christmas this next week and to see all the family coming into to town for Kacey's wedding. We are also excited that my Marine brother is coming home for Christmas too. It is sure to be a great holiday!


Cassie Clines Alleman said...

What a beautuful Angel! You all look great, thanks for the update. We can't wait to see you in just a few days!!

Jodi said...

I'm glad to know my 4 year old isn't the only one who writes capitol letters in the middle of his name. I tell him all the time not to, but perhaps it is just normal for them to do. There are a lot of letters to learn, and then they each get written two ways!

She looked like a beautiful angel!

Merry Christmas!