Monday, January 11, 2010

The Understanding of a Child

So last night our ward was split. That may sound like jibberish to some of you, so let me briefly explain. Our Church divides all of its members into small congregations called "wards" based on where you live. When a ward gets too big, they split it and make another one. Well ours was getting huge, so Sunday, they split us and created the Frisco 7th Ward.

We have been trying to explain to Kirsten this week what was going to happen. We told her they were going to split the ward, and she just stared at us. So we explained to her that the church had gotten too big and so they were going to split it in half.

Sunday night, after the meeting finished and the ward was split, this was our conversation.

Kirsten : "Mommy, are they going to slice the church now?
Mommy: "What?"
Kirsten: "Are they going to slice the church in half now? Do we get to watch? Are they going to use a knife? Where are they going to split it at? I hope we get to keep the Primary room in our half."

I guess we did not do as good a job at explaining as we thought we did!


Eric & Amy said...

That is hilarious! No, we want to keep the primary room in our half ;).

We'll miss seeing you guys each week. We've been together for so long! Best of luck with the new "smaller" ward. And I know we'll see you again soon.

Cassie Clines Alleman said...

So cute! Miss you guys.

Janet Adams Starnes said...

That is funny--kids say the darndest things.....They use what they know to try to make some sense out of what we are trying to tell them--bless her heart, I miss her.