Monday, February 1, 2010

Playdough and curls

We are still alive and well. Nothing too exciting has happened, but at the same time I have been to busy to sit down and blog. I guess that is how life goes - staying busy with a whole lot of boring stuff. I remembered at about 7:45 tonight that back in August I signed up to take homemade pink playdough to Kirsten's preschool in February - good thing I have a good memory! So we made a quadruple batch of hot pink playdough. Boy do my arms hurt from all of that stirring. Can you believe that it has 2 cups of Salt in there!? Good thing I had back up in my food storage.

Last week, Kirsten had two birthday parties to go to in a row. The first was a Pony party, but the second was a princess party. They asked the girls to come dressed up as princesses. There were 6 Sleeping Beauties, 4 Ariels and a Snow White. I guess Aurora is the princess of the year around here. Kirsten insisted on having her hair curled for the party, so she slept in sponge rollers.
I have to admit that when she cut off her ringlets this summer and then her hair grew back straight, I was devastated. I am thrilled however that it is proving so easy to put curl back into it when we want to.

She of course was one of the Sleeping Beauties, sporting the dress we got her at Disneyland last Spring.

So other than curling our hair and dressing up as princesses, we have been filling every spare moment we have trying to make room for baby. We courted the idea of moving at the beginning of the month, but were a little overwhelmed with the cost associated with selling and then buying again. So we have decided to stay put and make it work. We do feel truly blessed though, it seems that the more we try, the more Heavenly Father is helping us. We are finding hidden storage opportunites and creative ways to organize things that we could have never found on our own. To fill you in, what will be the baby's room, currently has all of our bookcases, my sewing, scrapbooking, and stamping supplies and tables in it, all of Kirsten's toys, and the closet is full of a year supply of food storage. So now we are faced with the feat of finding places for all of those items somewhere else in our already crowded 1300 square feet. It is working though, and I am thrilled.

Kirsten couldn't be more excited about becoming a big sister and asks me everyday how many more weeks we have to wait. Every morning she comes in and kisses my tummy and then sings to the baby. She is so sweet! She is a little confused with some of her friends who are younger than her that are becoming big sisters before her, and wanted to know if that means they are older than her now. She was so worried! She is doing great at preschool and dance and is totally obsessed with puzzles now. She can put together 100 piece puzzles completely on her own if you give her enough time. I am thrilled that she has such determination.

We are headed out on a little family trip this weekend, so we will try to get pictures up soon of that when we get back.


Eric & Amy said...

Sounds like things are going well for you guys!!! So glad to hear you're feeling good! And wow...I can't get over those curls! I used to sleep in those sponge rollers as a kid ... but mine never curled quite like that. It's impressive!

Mom Alleman said...

Kirsten looks like Shirley Temple! It's neat to see you organizing your home to get ready for the new baby! We love you!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

I love Kirsten's hair, she makes a beautiful princess. You are such a great organizer Laura--I wish I had some of your talent in that area--I guess I gave all mine to you--LOL..Love you bunches, MOM