Friday, March 26, 2010

Snowy Princess Clothes

I think that there must be some sort of Princess gene that some girls are born with. Kirsten definitely has it. I sent her to get ready for bed last night and this is how she came out.

I was especially amused by the necklace and sparkly shoes. It was hard to convince her to take any of it off to go to bed.

We had to take Kirsten clothes shopping because she has outgrown everything from last summer. She modeled her new style for all to see.
She picked this one out because she thought it looked like Dorothy.

Of course, she was less than thrilled that I forced her to get one pair of shorts. It may be the only ones she actually ends up with this year, because I am starting to think that it is not worth the fight.

I was blown away that we had to buy her size 6, and some size 8. Her swim suit for this summer is also an 8. How in the world is she growing so fast?!

Of course, we thought it was warming up and she would actually need these clothes. Instead, we woke up to this last Sunday, the first day of spring.

Seriously, the snow was fun on Christmas and New Years, and then it was even fun when we got 12 inches in February and set a record. But seriously, 9 inches on the first day of spring? We could not even get down our driveway to make it to church. The weirdest thing was two days later, it was 65 degrees and there were still snow piles along the side of the roads.

We are surviving though, and there are even 80's in the forecast for this week. The neighborhood pools open in 3 weeks, and I am seriously hoping it is warm enough to start going right away. I would go swimming everyday, all year round, if it were possible. Maybe I should add a heated, indoor pool to my dream list...

Wednesday, Kirsten and I got to go to Disney on Ice as part of a birthday party for a friend. We had actually just decided not to go this year when we got the invite, so it worked out perfectly. It was so much better than last year. They incorporated all of the princesses, Princess and the Frog, Enchanted and Toy Story.

Can you tell Kirsten was thrilled to be there with so many friends?

We had really good seats, but I did not get too many pictures because my camera stopped working part way into the show. UGH!! Anyway, this is one of my favorites because it has all the princesses and princes dancing to "How does she know that you love her". It was too fun!

I started going to a physical therapist this week to help with my back and pelvic problems. I am thrilled with what we have done so far. I have a very strict exercise regimen that outlaws the step aerobics and interval training I usually do, and more exercises to do at home. She has also taught me basically all new ways to move and do everything. It will take some getting used to, but I can tell that it is already helping. She also does cranial-sacral work like Cassie, my sister-in-law. When I found that out, I almost started crying. I have been looking for someone for quite awhile that does that. I feel optimistic for the first time in several years that maybe I won't be in pain for the rest of my life or going to the chiropractor every week for the rest of forever. I hope that this makes the next 14 weeks more bearable. I can hardly believe that I am officially in my 3rd trimester today. I guess that it is time to really start getting things ready.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


As many of you know, about 2 years ago my piano started rattling. This past summer, we had Dave Featherstone come and look at it. He is the best there is when it comes to piano restoration, and after 2 hours he was stumped. The rattle covered over an octave and would come and go. He wanted to take it to his shop to take it apart, assuming it was a crack in the sounding board, but we were not in a position to do that then. Add on top of that, about 3 months ago, everytime I would play a low C, it sounded like loose metal rattling. Then this past Wednesday, the high B and C started sticking. That was it, we had to get it fixed. We have been talking all week about buying a new piano, rather than spending the thousands of $$$ that it would take to fix the sounding board on this one, but we decided to wait and see what he said this time.

Dave came back out this morning. Again, we had him stumped. He worked on it for an hour, we even used Jeremy's air compressor to see if we could dislodge anything. We had just decided to have it moved to his shop, when all of a sudden, the D stopped rattling, and the C two octaves above that started. So we got the flash light back out, and he started digging. It turns out there was a AAA battery wedged between the sounding board and the side of the piano! Can you believe it?! He dislodged it and it fell into the action. So he removed the entire action out of the piano - the keys, hammers - everything, so that we could pull the battery out.

Now it was time to figure out the sticking keys. He turned the action up on its side, and out rolled a screw, that was wedged between the B and C, and a penny from underneath the low C. The funniest part was when Kirsten exclaimed - "that is my lucky penny I put in the piano to keep safe!" WHAT!!!!??? It is now in her piggy bank.

So, after a penny, a screw, and a battery and $150 instead of thousands, we have a beautiful functioning baby grand once more. He even adjusted the motion in my damper pedal for me - that has been driving me crazy. I cannot remember the last time I was so happy!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Bedding

I have been searching high and low for months now for the bedding for Katie's room. I have not found anything that I really like at all. There were a few that were okay and would work, but weren't what I really wanted. I decided this week that I was going to just make the nursery bedding. After an hour at JoAnn's, we finally added it all up, and to make the comforter, bumper pads, bed skirt, curtains, and crib sheet would cost me over $300. Then add the hours of work on top of that, and I quickly changed my mind. Tonight I needed to walk around, so we went to Babies R' Us. There it was, exactly what I wanted and even better - on Clearance!!! Here is a picture of the comforter.

The bed skirt and bumper pads are embroidered with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. We also found the matching crib mobile and one light switch plate cover. So I still need one more switch plate cover and will make the curtains. I am so excited about this set! Now we can finally go and pick out paint colors. I want to do a chocolate brown on the bottom and a pale pink on top divided by a chair rail. I am thrilled that this is finally coming together. I know that I have to be careful not to do too much at this point, so I am trying to start early and spread the work out over the next 4 months. I should note that Kirsten does not like the bedding, she wanted the purple one next to it.

Speaking of Kirsten, she is currently grounded from all of her toys. She had a terrible day at school on Tuesday. With me being on partial bedrest, I could not ground her from TV or friends, because I need them for my sanity. So we packed up all of her toys and locked them in the spare bedroom. She has out only her puzzles and books. She gets them back after 4 days, because she is 4. It seems to be working, she has had a wonderful two days. We also took away TV before school, and I was amazed today at how much smoother things went, and we were actually on time without any arguing! I think I have a new rule.

This week has been a difficult one. Our baby that we lost this summer would have been due this week. It has been an emotional rollercoaster as I feel like I have been mourning the loss all over again. That added with the physical pain I am in and the emotional difficulty of being on bedrest, and it has been a hard week. Jeremy has been wonderful and understanding though. I could not ask for a more amazing husband. He takes such good care of all of us. Thank you Jeremy, I love you.