Saturday, March 13, 2010


As many of you know, about 2 years ago my piano started rattling. This past summer, we had Dave Featherstone come and look at it. He is the best there is when it comes to piano restoration, and after 2 hours he was stumped. The rattle covered over an octave and would come and go. He wanted to take it to his shop to take it apart, assuming it was a crack in the sounding board, but we were not in a position to do that then. Add on top of that, about 3 months ago, everytime I would play a low C, it sounded like loose metal rattling. Then this past Wednesday, the high B and C started sticking. That was it, we had to get it fixed. We have been talking all week about buying a new piano, rather than spending the thousands of $$$ that it would take to fix the sounding board on this one, but we decided to wait and see what he said this time.

Dave came back out this morning. Again, we had him stumped. He worked on it for an hour, we even used Jeremy's air compressor to see if we could dislodge anything. We had just decided to have it moved to his shop, when all of a sudden, the D stopped rattling, and the C two octaves above that started. So we got the flash light back out, and he started digging. It turns out there was a AAA battery wedged between the sounding board and the side of the piano! Can you believe it?! He dislodged it and it fell into the action. So he removed the entire action out of the piano - the keys, hammers - everything, so that we could pull the battery out.

Now it was time to figure out the sticking keys. He turned the action up on its side, and out rolled a screw, that was wedged between the B and C, and a penny from underneath the low C. The funniest part was when Kirsten exclaimed - "that is my lucky penny I put in the piano to keep safe!" WHAT!!!!??? It is now in her piggy bank.

So, after a penny, a screw, and a battery and $150 instead of thousands, we have a beautiful functioning baby grand once more. He even adjusted the motion in my damper pedal for me - that has been driving me crazy. I cannot remember the last time I was so happy!


Eric & Amy said...

That is hilarious! Gotta love kids :).

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

That is awesome!

Stephanie said...

Yea!!! I know you are thrilled! Have a great Spring Break! Enjoy your rattle free piano!

Mom Alleman said...

You told us the story over the phone, but it was just as good reading it on your Blog :) We will always remember Kirsten's "lucky penney." We love you guys!