Thursday, April 29, 2010


Jeremy and I both celebrated our birthdays last week. It is fun having our birthdays back to back, we get to party for 48 hours straight once a year! Wednesday I celebrated the big 3-0. After a brief crying stint Tuesday night - which I blame on pregnancy hormones - I realized that I am actually okay with being 30!

Kirsten and I decided to celebrate by going out to breakfast at Cafe Brazil. I love going there for breakfast with friends, so I decided to take her this time. Jeremy surprised us by taping a gift certificate to my steering wheel for us both to get manicures and pedicures! I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Kirsten. She would laugh her head off sporatically when they would touch her feet. I think the best part was the kid-sized pedicure chairs. She sure had fun!
Kirsten took the pictures of our toes and fingers. She wanted to show everybody the flowers they painted on them!

Jeremy took us out to dinner at On the Border - my favorite! He spoiled me with a lap desk for my laptop, and clear block mounts for my stamps. It was a great day with my family, I wouldn't have spent it any other way.

Thursday was Jeremy's birthday. He was lucky enough to be working from home that day, so we were able to spoil him throughout the day. We started off by making him a waffle breakfast.
We got to have a quiet lunch, just the two of us when I got home from work, but before Kirsten was home from preschool. That was sure a treat! We had a friend watch Kirsten for us that night and Jeremy and I had a date at Texas Roadhouse. We came home and had cake and presents. I was actually able to surprise him this year - that never happens - with Avatar on DVD, some new clothes, and a radio transmitter for his I-pod. Kirsten gave him Alice in Wonderland on DVD and a Star Wars Lego Fighter, both of which she seems to be enjoying more than him! Here he is with his loot and cake. Is it just me or is he the most handsome man in the world?!
We were able to celebrate over the past two weekends with my family and Jeremy's family. His parents surprised me with a Big Shot Sizzix Die Cut Machine! I ordered a bunch of dies for it this week with the birthday money from my mom, and can hardly wait to start using it!

We are slowly (very slowly) getting things ready for Katie's arrival. It is only 9 weeks away! Personally, that seems too long to me. I got put on a walker today at the physical therapist. To spare you the gory details, basically my pelvis is separating and I can hardly walk. It was getting better over the past two months with therapy, but the baby is getting bigger and dropping, and causing the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. I have been banned from going to the gym, which is my life line, and I have been instructed to spend an hour a day at least doing exercises in the pool - which is still freezing! So, 9 weeks cannot come soon enough!

I am trying not to dwell too much on the pain. There are times that Kirsten curls up in my lap and I just cry and tell myself that it is worth it. I love Kirsten so much and know that I will love Katie just as much - as soon as we finally get her here!

That is about it for us. Just trying to survive the day to day without going too crazy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pool Season

Someone, somewhere, decided that the pool season officially started today, so naturally, the neighborhood pools opened. Now I do have to say that growing up we always swam in April, but that was Arizona, afterall.

Kirsten would not let us miss this first day though. She is such a swimmer and has had this day marked on her calendar for over a month. So after dinner tonight, we packed up the swim bag and headed to the pool. It has been reaching 80 degrees the past few days, but it still gets pretty cool at night. I thought that the water was equivalent to ice water.

Here is Kirsten showing off her new Ariel swimsuit - which, by the way, is a size 8!
She even braved the splash park.
Jeremy and I only managed to make it ankle deep, but Kirsten had no problem jumping right in and swimming for an hour. She did have a little trouble getting on the turtle by herself, and we were not about to come in and help her. She also amazed us by walking all over the 3'6" section of the pool. She could not do that last year!

Overall, it was a fun night. It will probably be a few more weeks before we become regulars though.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My two growing girls

It seems like both of my girls have been growing like crazy lately.

I had another sonogram today. Katie is weighing in at a whopping 2lbs 14 oz and is 16 inches long already. She already has a full head of hair that we were able to see in some shots too. We were finally able to get a good profile shot, after 11 sonograms so far, and I was thrilled that she cooperated with us. Last time she was stubborn and refused to show us her face. Jeremy pointed out that in the second picture you can tell that she has the same cheek and chin structure as Kirsten. She is going to be such a beautiful little girl!

Yesterday we registerd Kirsten for Kindergarten. I knew that it was coming, but it still seems to have creeped up way too fast on me. She is so thrilled though. Here she is with her registration folder and the picture she colored while we waited.
When we walked into the school, she just about lost it with excitement, exclaiming "There is a Library - in the middle of the school!!!!" She wanted to go in and start reading right then. When we got to the end of the hallway she saw the computer lab, and that was it. A room full of computers, and a room full of books - what more could a girl want?

The hardest part of registration was leaving. She was convinced that she would get to stay and actually start kindergarten. Luckily she understands that kindergarten starts after her birthday, and after I reminded her of that, she became more reasonable. I am so proud of my big girl and know she will be a great Kindergartener!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I am late posting about Easter, but we have been super busy - what else is new? Just a warning, there are a ton of pictures involved.

Easter seemed to last more than a week around here. On Saturday the 27th, we had an Easter Egg hunt at the park that was put on by our HOA. Chris, Darlene, and Jordon were able to join us.
It was complete with Easter Egg hunts and a bounce house. It was great to hang out and play at the park with family and friends.
Darlene and I were able to go to a consignment sale that morning. I found this adorable outfit for Kirsten along with a pair of rollerblades. She has had fun skating with daddy the past two weeks. Mommy will have to wait until after I have this baby before I brave my blades again.
Kirsten wore her Easter dress a week early because we had General Conference on Easter Sunday this year. She insisted that I curl her hair, and was especially proud of her first high heels. My little girl is growing up!
On Sunday we also had an Easter Egg hunt and potluck barbecue at the park for our mom's group. We decided as organizers to provide the burgers and Easter eggs this year. We were thrilled when more than 150 people signed up to come. We were even graced with a special visit from the Easter Bunny. Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? I am especially grateful for the Rockin' Ranch Moms group. They have become my life line and my best friends. I could not imagine living anywhere else.
Getting lined up for the Preschool Easter Egg hunt.
Kirsten and Michael. These two have become inseparable since they moved here in November.
The following Monday, she had an Easter party at her dance class - sorry no pictures of that one. Then on Tuesday she had her school Easter program. I did not get many good pictures because I was video taping it at the same time for Jeremy to see later. She was so sweet and sang her little heart out. I have been so thrilled with her preschool the past two years and will definitely miss the annual Christmas and Easter programs next year.
Kirsten was especially thrilled that Grandma Alleman was able to make it up for her performance. We are so blessed to have them close by.
Thursday she had an Easter Egg hunt at school - no pictures, sorry. She got so much candy! We missed our Church's Easter Egg hunt on Friday because she wouldn't eat her dinner. We did manage to color eggs though for the first time. I of course managed to spill the entire cup of purple dye on Kirsten and there is still glitter all over my kitchen. She enjoyed it though, and that's what matters.
The finished sparkly glitter eggs. A special thanks to Grandma Starnes for sending the glitter egg kit. She had a blast doing it.
Jeremy and Chris spent 9 hours on Saturday putting together Kirsten's new wooden playset. They got about half of it done and Jeremy got terribly burned. It is Thursday and he is still red. He says he will put sunscreen on this Saturday when he goes out to finish it. It has been a fight all week to keep Kirsten off the half-completed fort. I will post pictures when he gets it done.

Saturday night we went to the Alleman's along with my dad and Patty. The boys went to the Priesthood session of General Conference, and we got to look at Megan's prom pictures, visit and make cinnamon rolls to share with the guys when they got home. It was a great evening.

Sunday was finally the real Easter, although we seemed done by then. Here is Kirsten with her basket.
She got The Princess and the Frog DVD, Polly Pockets, a chocolate bunny, and a replica of the original printing of Peter Rabbit. That has been her favorite story for a few months. We just keep getting it over and over again from the Library. Now she finally has her own copy!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Alleman's for Easter dinner, Jordon's 2nd birthday party, and yet another Easter Egg hunt. That is why we never give her candy in her Easter Basket. She obviously got more than enough other places. Overall it was a great Easter.

Tonight we took Kirsten out to ride her scooter and started talking to our neighbors. They are moving this weekend and offered Kirsten their Barbie Power Wheels Jeep. She was beyond excited because she has wanted one for a long time, I was excited because it was free.
My physical therapy sessions are going great. I had a spurt of bad back pain last night, but other than that, I have been about 90% pain free for the past two weeks. That is a huge improvement over the bedrest that I had been put on because it hurt too bad to move. I am actually hopeful that I might survive the next 12 weeks. Can you believe it is only 12 more weeks?!! It seems like no time at all and then like at eternity, all at once. We have another sonogram this coming week. It will be great to see our little Katie again.