Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tonight was Kirsten's Preschool Graduation. I cannot believe how time has flown. I have been so thrilled with her preschool the past two years, and especially with Mrs. Sands, her teacher this year. I am always amazed at the things that she does with them. It is far beyond my ability as a teacher. She has taught Kirsten to love school and love learning.

Each of the kids recited one of the 26 Bible verses that they memorized this year. They would memorize one a week that began with the letter of the week. It is actually amazing to me that my 4 year old has 26 Bible verses memorized! Then, they each got to tell what their favorite part of preschool was. Kirsten said "doing crafts". She loves coloring and making things. They also sang several songs. I held it together pretty well until they put on the slide show of the year set to the song "Let them be Little." I am not sure when she grew up, but I wouldn't trade one minute of it.
Getting her diploma!

Kirsten with Aunt Megan
Grandma Alleman was also able to come and support her.
We are so proud of you Kirsten! You are such an amazing, special little girl. Thank you for being so wonderful!


Friday night was Kirsten's Dazzler Dance Studio Recital. I cannot believe how much she has learned this year. She has grown in her confidence, poise, and dancing abilities. I was so proud of my little girl.
Their tap dance was first. It was so cute, and followed by the Hokey Pokey - a tradition in their studio.
Check out those beautiful "ballet hands".
And she does one mean arabesque!
Kinsley and Kirsten. These two have been friends since Kinsley was born. It has been so fun to see them grow up together. I hope they are always this good of friends.
Kirsten and Kendyl met last fall playing T-ball together, then she joined Kirsten's dance class. This is a far cry from those red-dirt-stained baseball pants.
Grandma and Grandpa Lowe were able to come and cheer her on!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Finished!!

So tonight, Jeremy, with the help of a very helpful 4 year old, finished putting together the playset. Kirsten, of course, loves it, and can hardly wait to have her friends over for a playdate tomorrow so that she can share it with them.
She promptly claimed her place as the queen of the castle.
Last Saturday, Kirsten went to a New Sibling class at the hospital. She has been looking forward to it for months, and it was so much fun. They learned how to hold babies, change diapers, feed babies, swaddle babies, they did a craft, read several books, and watched a fun movie about babies. They learned what babies do (and don't do) and what they eat, ect... They learned how the baby grows inside of mommy, and what will happen when mommy goes to the hospital. They even talked about emotions that they might feel when the baby comes home and how to deal with them. She then got a special tour of the hospital so she could see where I would be, and of course got to see the babies in the nursery - that was her favorite part! It was such a cute class and I am so glad that she was able to go.
Her very first diaper change all by herself!
Kirsten took this picture of Jeremy and me in the kitchen Tuesday night and insisted that I include it. She has turned into quite the photographer lately. Everytime I download pictures there are a dozen or so that she has taken of various things around the house. She has her own camera, but of course she insists on using mine.
As for the rest of us, we are just trying to keep going. My back and pelvic pain seems to go in cycles and has been pretty bad the past 3 days. 6 weeks sure sounds like a long time when you feel like this. Jeremy has been such a trooper and is helping out more than I ever imagined humanly possible. His dad and brother, Zach, came up on Saturday and got the chair rail up in Katie's room and the base boards back up in the bathroom (he recently tiled our master bath). We just need to touch up the paint on the rail, caulk, and then he can move the furniture in and I can start getting things set up!!! That will be a good feeling to have her room ready.

We had a blast seeing Zach and Allison last weekend and are so excited for them to be moving here this summer. I think Kirsten thought they were moving here this weekend because everywhere we have gone this week, she has asked if they are going to be there.

There are just two weeks of school left. One week of teaching lessons, and one week of Kirsten's preschool left. I cannot believe how this year has flown by. Stay tuned in the next week for end of the year festivities!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Six Flags

Last Saturday, Jeremy and Kirsten spent the day at Six Flags. I, of course, did not go for obvious reasons. She thoroughly enjoyed her special fun day with daddy. I enjoyed having a day all to myself. She was a trooper and they managed to stay at the park for 9 hours.

This was her favorite ride, the log ride. Apparently they went on it about 6 times in a row.
She also dragged him repeatedly on Chapparal (the old-fashioned cars), and the Mini Mine-Train. Jeremy managed to get her on the Judge Row Scream Rollercoaster. She didn't go on that one again.

Everything is bigger in Texas!
She won a cape, and out of all the choices - batman, superman, ect, she chose the one with the dancing old man on it. Whatever.
Jeremy was a trooper and went on a ton of rides with her.
He did eventually let her go on a few all by herself.
And in true Alleman fashion, they ended the day with a ride on the carousel.
I am so glad they had fun and can hardly wait until I can go with them again!