Thursday, May 6, 2010

Six Flags

Last Saturday, Jeremy and Kirsten spent the day at Six Flags. I, of course, did not go for obvious reasons. She thoroughly enjoyed her special fun day with daddy. I enjoyed having a day all to myself. She was a trooper and they managed to stay at the park for 9 hours.

This was her favorite ride, the log ride. Apparently they went on it about 6 times in a row.
She also dragged him repeatedly on Chapparal (the old-fashioned cars), and the Mini Mine-Train. Jeremy managed to get her on the Judge Row Scream Rollercoaster. She didn't go on that one again.

Everything is bigger in Texas!
She won a cape, and out of all the choices - batman, superman, ect, she chose the one with the dancing old man on it. Whatever.
Jeremy was a trooper and went on a ton of rides with her.
He did eventually let her go on a few all by herself.
And in true Alleman fashion, they ended the day with a ride on the carousel.
I am so glad they had fun and can hardly wait until I can go with them again!


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Brings back some old memories! I'm glad Kirsten enjoys the classic rides. The old cars, the log ride, and others. That's great that the tradition goes on. I can't wait till Jordon's big enough to go on the rides. I'm hoping to have a couple of children that will LOVE rollercoasters. hehehe


Janet Adams Starnes said...

Looks like they had a ball! I know you would have loved to go too. Love, MOM