Monday, June 28, 2010

Pictures of Katie

Here are some pictures of our beautiful Katie Anne. She has had a long, eventful, first day of life. She is sleeping so well, but I am sure that will change. Isn't she beautiful?!

She's Here!

Katie Anne Alleman has finally arrived! 8 lbs, 14 oz; 20.5 inches at 11:15 am! She has a full head of hair, and is as beautiful as can be. :-)

We will be sure to post pictures as soon as possible.

(dictated to Jeremy, who is also busy gushing over his family!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Last Post

So I thought that I would try to get one last post in tonight before things get crazy tomorrow. I think that I am as ready as I will ever be. The nursery is done, the bags are packed, the cradle is made up, arrangements for Kirsten are made, laundry is done, the trash is taken out, dishes are done, and I have about 2 weeks worth of meals in the freezer that I have made over the past three days. Jeremy is accusing me of nesting. I just call it getting ready. I know, I am crazy, but I even made homemade bread after church today.

I have to admit that I have not really enjoyed this pregnancy at all and am thrilled that the end is very near. Things were so easy with Kirsten, and I was convinced that I could do 8 more times. After this one, I never want to do it again. Hopefully that selective memory is real and kicks in before 20 years have passed. Although I am sure I will not forget the 5 months of excruciating pain, bi-weekly physical therapy appointments, 2 months of getting practically no sleep at all, the bed rest, 3 months of having to use a walker, the carpal tunnel, or my feet swelling from a 9 to an 11WW. I keep telling myself that it will be worth it, and I am pretty sure that recuperating from the C-Section will not be as bad as the past 5 months have been.

I realized that I have not taken many pictures the past few months, can you blame me? But here you go, here is one from today. This is going to be a big baby.
Kirsten on the other hand has been thrilled with this entire experience. She climbs into bed with me every morning, pulls up my shirt, lays her head on my belly and talks and sings to her sister for about 30 minutes. She kisses her goodnight every night and constantly tells her how much she loves her and how excited she is to meet her. She has loved getting all her old baby things out of the attic and cleaned up. She spent the majority of the afternoon today in her old stroller. She doesn't really fit, but since when did that ever stop a 4 year old?
Kirsten also finished up her swimming lessons this week. I was lucky enough to be able to go with her on her last day and see her progress. She has learned so much. She went from barely treading water to swimming freestyle, elementary backstroke, and can dive to the bottom of the 4 foot deep section after her diving rings. It has been fun to see her confidence building.

So keep us in your prayers tomorrow. I will get pictures up as soon as I can, but I am not promising anything too soon. I am just not sure how this will go, this is all new to me.

I do have to say that I am sincerely grateful for all of the help that has been given to me and my family over the past few weeks. It is humbling, but such a blessing to have had many of you help me clean and help take care of Kirsten and get her to her activities. Thank you. I hope that I can soon return the service. So until next time....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This year I decided to let Kirsten plan Father's Day for Jeremy. I have to admit that she did a great job. Everything that she picked had something to do with spending time with daddy. She gave him a jump rope so that they could jump together (that will be a sight!). She also picked out a yellow shirt and tie for him to wear to the Daddy Daughter Dance to match her yellow dress. I was quite impressed with her gift ideas.

Every year, our HOA puts on a Daddy Daughter Dance the day before Father's Day. Jeremy bought Kirsten a corsage to wear, which made her day. I helped her get her nails painted, hair done, and even put just a hint of blue eye shadow on her. Personally, I think that they looked amazing!
Kirsten was very concerned if daddy remembered how to dance since last year, and thankfully gave me a full report of the event, including that he could still dance, a little. It sounds like they had a good time. Kirsten is already trying to figure out how he will dance with both her and Katie at next year's dance.

This morning, Kirsten and I made Belgian Waffles for breakfast - again, her idea, with blueberries. Kirsten filled each hole of her waffle up with syrup, placed a blue berry floating in each hole, and then had Jeremy cut them very meticulously along the lines. She then ate each "blueberry cup" individually. She cracks me up sometimes.

After church, we headed over to my dad's for a few hours and played some Rumikub. Kirsten got to be on my team since it is only a four player game. Then we headed over to the Alleman's for dinner and cake.

Stu got a riding lawnmower for Father's Day, and he was brave enough to let Kirsten drive it!
Overall, I think that we had a great Father's Day, and I hope that Jeremy agrees! Part of me was hoping to give him a baby for Father's Day, but that will have to wait another week. I am sure that this will seem like the longest week of my life. I will just be happy to get Katie here and to not be in constant pain or have to use a walker anymore. I hope that the rest of you had a great day as well!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Seven Year Itch

Seven years ago today I married my best friend and the love of my life. Thank you for making happier than I ever imagined possible. I love you Jeremy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We finally have the nursery completed! I wanted to get it done all of the way before I posted pictures. I love how it turned out. We even put up a new pink fan.

I also can hardly believe that we pulled it off. This room was previously the office, guest room, playroom, and craft room, all in one and the closet was full of storage. It was quite the ordeal to rearrange basically our entire house to make room for everything that used to be in here. All of the work was definitely worth it now that we have the finished product. I can hardly wait until Katie is here and can enjoy her new room.

Speaking of Katie, sometime in the past week, she decided to flip and drop. So no scheduled C-Section for her being breech! The only bad part is, with the added pressure of her having dropped, added to all the pelvic pain I have already been having, I basically can't move now. I am hoping that she decides to come sooner than later.

Week of Partying

We had a fun week full of parties this week. On Tuesday, Kirsten started swimming lesson with Ms. Jenny. She is such a natural and even swam completely across the pool by herself.
On Wednesday, I went up to Jeremy's office where his co-workers threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun to meet the people he works with everyday and see the new building that they moved into in January. They have really tight security at his office and so we don't get to go up there very often - or really at all. Kirsten came with me and even got a few presents of her own.On Friday night, Valerie and Patty threw me a baby shower. I managed to not get any pictures, but hopefully I can find someone who did. They did a chocolate dipped strawberries theme - my favorite! So many people helped with games and activities. I had such a great time and it really helped to boost my spirits.

Saturday morning, I went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital while Jeremy took Kirsten to the primary activity. She had such a good time and came home with momentos from her favorite Book of Mormon Stories, including Nephi's boat and a Title of Liberty.
After the activity, we ran home, changed her clothes, shoved some left-over pizza down her, and ran her out the door to Keeton's birthday party. It was at Sweet n Sassy in Allen. The girls got to dress up like princesses and rock stars, get their hair, makeup and nails done, dance, and have a fashion show. She had a blast!
As fun as this week was, I am looking forward to a little bit slower one this week - hopefully!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wicked week of fire and pianos

This past weekend was a busy, but fun one. I guess technically I mean a week and a half ago, because this past weekend was terrible and long. Kirsten woke up at 1 am on Saturday complaining of her ear hurting. We never got her back to sleep, she just curled up on me and cried until morning. Talk about gut-wrenching. We got her into her pediatrician first thing Saturday morning, and she has her first-ever ear infection. I guess that making it to almost 5 before ever being on antibiotics is pretty good. It was still a rough weekend, and I have slept a grand total of 4 hours in the past 3 days. Add to that being 37 weeks pregnant, and I pretty much want to die right now.

Now for the fun weekend. We kicked of Memorial Day weekend with my piano recital. I went from 47 kids to 7 in my studio this year. We had the recital at the Ferguson's house since we had just a few kids. They all played so beautifully. They range from first year players all the way up. It is fun to see girls that I started from the beginning now playing Prelude in C, Fur Elise, Rondo a Capriccio, and Flower Song - to name a few. I really enjoyed sharing the morning with them.
We left the recital, ate lunch and headed down town. We took Kirsten to see "Wicked, the Musical". She has been begging to see it for the past two years and can sing through the entire soundtrack by herself. She had the fabulous idea of wearing a Dorothy costume that she borrowed from her Aunt Megan, her sparkly shoes, and had Jeremy braid her hair in pigtails. She sure knows how to draw attention to herself. I don't think there is any danger of this girl growing up to be shy.
I was able to get us seats in the front row of the balcony. That way, there would be no one in front of her and she would be able to see everything. I have to admit that I was seriously proud of my little girl. I am not sure how many 4 year olds would sit through a 3 hour musical without even so much as fidgeting. She loved it and we had a great time being out as a family. We are trying to do as much of that as we can lately, knowing that Katie will be here soon.
We spent Memorial Day BBQ hopping. We started out at a RRMom's group party at the pool. We got permission from the HOA to bring a grill in and had a potluck BBQ while we swam. Jeremy spent the entire time grilling, and as he put it "bonding with the guys". We had to leave that one early to head over to my dad's. He had smoked ribs the night before and they were amazing! They had also invited over two families from church, and we loved spending time with friends and family.

We have been trying to survive the 100 degree heat and find ways to keep Kirsten busy now that preschool and dance are out. She decided this past week that she likes to swim underwater and dive for her rings. She starts swimming lessons tomorrow, so I am excited to see how far she gets this year.

Three weeks ago we had a new fire station open up directly behind our house. It is both a blessing and a curse. We don't have to worry about our house burning down, but we hear all the alarms and sirens, and they set off the neighbor's dogs for about 20 minutes each time. Our RRMom's group set up a tour tonight for the kids to see the new station and we took dinner to the firefighters. Haley and I each made lasagne, and everyone else brought sides, drinks, and deserts. It was great to show them that we appreciate them, welcome them to the neighborhood, and let the kids get to know them.

Here is Kirsten with her friends Koral and Kenna. They moved her just a few months ago, but they quickly become an inseparable trio.
Kirsten loved climbing in and out of the fire truck and ambulance. When we came home she told us that she was going to be a girl firefighter when she grows up and asked me to make her a firefighter costume. She is so cute!
Other than that, we are spending everyday at the pool (that we don't have ear infections) trying to stay cool. Katie is still breech, and if she has not flipped by the sonogram this Friday, we will most likely end up having to schedule a C-Section. It is definitely not what I want, but I want her, so if that is what it takes, I guess I will have to accept it.

We have the nursery 90% done, so I will have to get pictures up soon. We are getting clothes washed, the cloth diapers are ready, and the cradle is down. It seems like everyday I think of something else we need to do or get down out of the attic. I am not sure if we will ever be completely ready, but we are definitely getting closer.