Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This year I decided to let Kirsten plan Father's Day for Jeremy. I have to admit that she did a great job. Everything that she picked had something to do with spending time with daddy. She gave him a jump rope so that they could jump together (that will be a sight!). She also picked out a yellow shirt and tie for him to wear to the Daddy Daughter Dance to match her yellow dress. I was quite impressed with her gift ideas.

Every year, our HOA puts on a Daddy Daughter Dance the day before Father's Day. Jeremy bought Kirsten a corsage to wear, which made her day. I helped her get her nails painted, hair done, and even put just a hint of blue eye shadow on her. Personally, I think that they looked amazing!
Kirsten was very concerned if daddy remembered how to dance since last year, and thankfully gave me a full report of the event, including that he could still dance, a little. It sounds like they had a good time. Kirsten is already trying to figure out how he will dance with both her and Katie at next year's dance.

This morning, Kirsten and I made Belgian Waffles for breakfast - again, her idea, with blueberries. Kirsten filled each hole of her waffle up with syrup, placed a blue berry floating in each hole, and then had Jeremy cut them very meticulously along the lines. She then ate each "blueberry cup" individually. She cracks me up sometimes.

After church, we headed over to my dad's for a few hours and played some Rumikub. Kirsten got to be on my team since it is only a four player game. Then we headed over to the Alleman's for dinner and cake.

Stu got a riding lawnmower for Father's Day, and he was brave enough to let Kirsten drive it!
Overall, I think that we had a great Father's Day, and I hope that Jeremy agrees! Part of me was hoping to give him a baby for Father's Day, but that will have to wait another week. I am sure that this will seem like the longest week of my life. I will just be happy to get Katie here and to not be in constant pain or have to use a walker anymore. I hope that the rest of you had a great day as well!


The Alleman Jamboree with C&D said...

Great Daddy/Daughter pictures! Kirsten is quite cute, and she did so well in trying to help Jeremy remember how to dance. LOL I'd like to hear how Kirsten plans to have a dance with her sister Katie!


Ryan Alleman said...

What a cute couple! Jeremy looks sharp in yellow and Kirsten is such a princess! I'm glad Jeremy still knows how to dance "a little." :-)

You've been such a trooper, Laura. I hope everything goes well with the delivery. And we can't wait to see Katie!

Janet Adams Starnes said...

Kirsten is such a little lady--growing more beautiful everyday!