Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week of Partying

We had a fun week full of parties this week. On Tuesday, Kirsten started swimming lesson with Ms. Jenny. She is such a natural and even swam completely across the pool by herself.
On Wednesday, I went up to Jeremy's office where his co-workers threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun to meet the people he works with everyday and see the new building that they moved into in January. They have really tight security at his office and so we don't get to go up there very often - or really at all. Kirsten came with me and even got a few presents of her own.On Friday night, Valerie and Patty threw me a baby shower. I managed to not get any pictures, but hopefully I can find someone who did. They did a chocolate dipped strawberries theme - my favorite! So many people helped with games and activities. I had such a great time and it really helped to boost my spirits.

Saturday morning, I went to a breastfeeding class at the hospital while Jeremy took Kirsten to the primary activity. She had such a good time and came home with momentos from her favorite Book of Mormon Stories, including Nephi's boat and a Title of Liberty.
After the activity, we ran home, changed her clothes, shoved some left-over pizza down her, and ran her out the door to Keeton's birthday party. It was at Sweet n Sassy in Allen. The girls got to dress up like princesses and rock stars, get their hair, makeup and nails done, dance, and have a fashion show. She had a blast!
As fun as this week was, I am looking forward to a little bit slower one this week - hopefully!

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