Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Months

Katie turned 2 months old on Saturday. Sometimes it feels like time is flying by, and other times like it is dragging. I guess that is what happens with babies.

I can hardly believe how big she is getting! At the doctor today she was 12lbs 5 oz (80%) and 23.5 inches tall (83%). She was declared "Perfect" by the pediatrician. I have to agree. She is smiling all of the time now, and has the most beautiful smile, if I do say so myself.

She has been sleeping 8 hours a night for the past three weeks and has been doing great so far at the schedule I have been trying to get her on. She loves to lay on her tummy and push up to look around, and for the past two weeks has been Cooing and Ahhing at us. She has started pulling at her toys on her play mat and even grabbed a fistful of my hair yesterday. It is fun to watch her find her voice and gain control over her movements. We put her in a 3 month sleeper on Saturday night and she could not straighten her legs, so we had to break out the 6 month box. So here is my 2 month old, in a six month old sleeper, with her Papa Bear.
Happy Two Months, Katie!

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week

We have officially survived the first week of Kindergarten! I am not sure why everyone says that they get so tired, because she has been doing great. She comes home bouncing off of the walls. I think that she has been so bored the past two months since Katie was born and is just thrilled to get out of the house. Of course, this morning she did say "I have to go to school AGAIN?!" So I did what any good mom would do and bribed her by sending lunch money for Pizza and Ice Cream.

Speaking of lunch, she comes home and explains to me that she got pink milk, but had to throw it away because she didn't finish it. She forgot to buy her ice cream, but got cake and corn, but no fork, so she couldn't eat them. Then she excitedly pulls out the sealed, labeled envelope from her backpack and exclaims "they didn't even make me pay for my lunch!" Oh great, now the school thinks that I am that dead beat mom who doesn't bother to send a lunch or lunch money with her kindergartener the first week of school. Apparently we need a little more practice on buying our lunch.

We have all learned a few things this week.

Kirsten has learned
1. To count to 100
2. To count by 10's
3. To do addition of any two numbers below 10
4. How to find her classroom
5. How to go through a lunch line
6. Not to give out her address on-line
7. That you get time-out in PE if you talk when the Coach is talking

Mommy has learned
1. Kirsten is too big for goodbye kisses in front of her friends
2. I have to be in the carpool line by 2:30 if I want a spot
3. Getting Kirsten ready for school while nursing Katie is close to impossible
4. Katie nurses and sleeps better when Kirsten is gone
5. I was not as ready for my baby to be gone all day as I thought I was
6. A seven hour school day flies by and I still don't get anything done
7. Going to playgroups with a 2 month old is still fun (for me, at least)

I am sure that as the weeks go on we will figure more things out and stream-line our schedule a little bit more. It has been fun to see how Katie's face lights up when her sister comes home, and how excited Kirsten is to see her sister. It thrills me that they love each other so much already. This new chapter in our life is proving to be exciting and I can hardly wait to see what next week brings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Kirsten started kindergarten today. I am not really sure when my baby girl grew up. She was ready to start school. Last night we picked out all of her clothes for the week, packed her lunch, and Jeremy braided her hair so it would be curly today. This morning we woke her up at 7 and Jeremy made her a special breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits, and cantaloupe. It was interesting to try to get her ready while nursing Katie, we will see how it goes tomorrow when Jeremy is not here to help us. She was so excited and spent the morning jumping up and down and making up cheers about going to school. We piled into the car and headed to the school. She told me that we could just drop her off, that she did not need us to walk her in. Sorry Kirsten, mommy is walking you in. We parked at my dad's house since he only live 4 houses down from the school and then walked over. Here she is out front squinting into the sun.
This is the entrance to the Kindergarten Pod. I love the way the school is set up. The Kinder and 1st grade share a pod and have their own entrance, computer lab, and bathrooms.
Her teacher is Mrs Rolfe. Kirsten already loves her and said she was the nicest teacher ever.
She quickly found her seat and I had to make her give me goodbye hugs and kisses. Jeremy just got a thumbs up.
I held it together pretty well until I turned around at the door and looked at her sitting there, so brave and sure of herself. That is when the tears started for me. I hope that I have taught her everything that she needs to know. I hope she makes friends. I hope that she grows in her self-confidence. I hope that she has learned to turn to her Heavenly Father when I cannot be by her side. I wish I could always hold on to her and protect her. I was so glad that Jeremy was with me to keep me from making her go home with me.After I dropped her off, I headed over to Vicki's house for a Cry and Cheer Gathering. It was great to cry and laugh with friends going through the same thing. It helped having moms with older kids there who were happy their kids went back to school, and so maybe I really won't cry everyday for the next 18 years.

Picking her up from school was a nightmare. We will have to figure something out for tomorrow. She had a great day. I am not sure why people say the kids are so tired after Kindergarten. She came home and was running around in circles and jumping up and down. It was harder to get her down tonight than last night. She said that PE was her favorite part of the day. She was thrilled to see all of her friends at lunch - none of them are in her class. Hopefully it will cool off in the next little while so that they can actually go to recess. I am excited to see everything she will learn this year. I am so proud of my little/big girl.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sums it Up

This picture just about sums up my life lately.
Kirsten is the most loving, doting, caring, adoring big sister a baby could ever have, but sometimes Katie doesn't know what to do with all that love. Kirsten is such a good helper too. She is always kissing, hugging, tickling, pinching, and holding her sister. She also loves to pick out her diapers (we are using cloth, so she has some pretty cute ones.) I have even gotten out of the shower to find her changing a poopy diaper, and once she was even giving her a bottle, I am still not sure how she learned to make one.

So lest you think I am exempt from sibling craziness, a few days ago Katie was crying and I asked Kirsten what happened. Her response - "She started it!" I was not expecting that one for quite a while.

We seem to be getting into a rhythm and getting more used to Katie and Kirsten is getting more used to her role as a big sister. Katie is getting bigger and stronger everyday. She is already outgrowing her 3 month clothes at just 7 weeks. She has slept 8 hours a night for the past two weeks, so I am a happy mommy. She starting oohing and aahhing at us this week and smiles all of the time. I swear she even giggled at me today. She especially loves her tummy time and always wants to be looking around.
We had my friend Rebecca over last week with her 6 month old twins, Owen and Luke. I think that Katie thoroughly enjoyed her playdate. What do you think?
Kirsten has been determined to indoctrinate Katie into Princess movies. Here she is trying to make Katie watch the Twelve Dancing Princesses with her.
Last week, my Aunt Verlanne sent Kirsten an apron that she had made for her. She loves it! Of course we HAD to make cookies that day so she could break it in. Thank you so much!
Kirsten starts kindergarten on Monday. I am not handling that well. We got to meet her teacher last night and see her classroom. She is so excited. I am disappointed that not a single one of her friends is in her class. She honestly knows about 30 of the 120 kids, so I was really surprised. I guess it will give her a chance to grow and make new friends. I was just hoping that there would be some familiar faces to help make her feel comfortable. I cried for about 2 hours last night after she went to bed. I am sure I will cry again on Monday. I am so worried about so many things, but deep down I know she will be okay.

Today I actually made it to an hour long aerobics class, and survived - barely. It has been 5 months and I am so out of shape. I have been doing the bikes and elipticals the past two weeks, but I was just so bored, I had to do something else. It felt good. I am going to try a step class in the morning before I head to Vicki's for brunch. We also went shopping today at 3 different stores with both kids. I put Katie in the snugli, and it was wonderful. It seems that each day gets just a little bit easier. I love my girls!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Purple Smiles

Katie has started smiling a ton over the past week. This means that Kirsten's new favorite game is pinching Katie's cheeks in an attempt to get a smile. Unfortunately this usually results in crying. Nonetheless, we love those treasured beautiful smiles.
Last week we were hit with our third round of thrush. I was so miserable that I wanted to just give up on nursing. I decided to give it one last go, and since nothing from her doctor or mine worked, we decided to go natural and try Gentian Violet.
I managed to freak random people out all over the city for 5 days with my baby's purple mouth and lips. The good news is that the thrush is FINALLY gone, and we are both almost back to our normal coloring. Although, Kirsten did have her nails painted purple on Saturday at her party to match her sisters lips.

Princess Party

Kirsten had her Birthday Party on Saturday at Sugar and Spice. It is this amazingly cute place in downtown McKinney where they dress the girls up like princesses, and do their hair, nails and make up. It was a blast to say the least!
We were so blessed to have my little brother, John, come in just for Kirsten's birthday. He is in the Marines and this is the first time we have seen him since Christmas. He will be in Texas for the next 3 months for training before heading to his permanent post in Hawaii, so we are hoping to see him a lot over the next few months.
Kirsten absolutely adores her Uncle John, and it made her day having him here.
I have to admit that it was fun to see this super tough Marine, on the floor making picture frames and necklaces with a bunch of 5 year old girls dressed up like princesses. I am just glad to see that they haven't completely changed my brother!
The beautiful cake we had made from my favorite bakery.
Sitting in the Princess Thrown (actually, it is the nail drying chair, but don't tell the girls.)
After getting all dolled up, they put on a fashion show where the girls got to come out one at a time, walk the runway and pose. So fun!
The Limbo, although they did not quite get the whole bending backwards thing.
And don't forget the highlight, dancing and karaoke to Hannah Montana.
Then there was the tea party with cake.
Did you ever see so many princesses?!
I am glad that we were able to give Kirsten a special day. I can hardly believe that she is five years old. At her doctor's appointment yesterday, she clocked in at 45 inches and 52 pounds. That means that in one year she has grown 4 inches, gained 13 pounds, gone from a 4T to a 7, and a size 10 shoe to a 13. No wonder I never seem to be able to keep to my clothing budget!

I am excited to see what this next year brings. Happy Birthday Kirsten, we love you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Five Years!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl turned 5 years old today! I am not sure where the time has gone. I know that I do not feel like I have aged 5 years...

We tried to give Kirsten a special day today, especially since she has been feeling a little left out since Katie was born. Jeremy took a few hours off of work this morning to go to a doctor's appointment and so he had time to make a wonderful breakfast of biscuits, bacon, eggs and cantaloupe. It was great to start the day all together.
We went to lunch at the brand new McDonalds that opened this week down the street. We met my friend Rebecca there with her daughter Kinsley and twin baby boys, Luke and Owen. It was my first try at going out with both kids by myself, and I have to say I did rather well. The girls did not really care for the 3 story play structure, but loved the coloring table. Go figure.

Tonight, we had Patty over for dinner along with our good friends, Matt and Amy Burr and their three sons, Benjamin, Joshua, and Joseph. They moved to California two years ago, but we still try to visit as much as we can.

Then we had the Sweeneys and Lendermans join us for cake and ice cream. Here is the crew, along with the cake Kirsten helped me make.
Kirsten was thoroughly spoiled this year. She got a big mirror and a quilt with a map of the world from Grandma and Grandpa Alleman, a beautiful lamp from Grandma and Grandpa Lowe, and money from Grandma Starnes. We got her an alarm clock and flashlight, so she will stop stealing Jeremy's, a children's cookbook, and her very first American Girl Doll. She is totally in love with her already and named her Emily.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy love you!!!