Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week

We have officially survived the first week of Kindergarten! I am not sure why everyone says that they get so tired, because she has been doing great. She comes home bouncing off of the walls. I think that she has been so bored the past two months since Katie was born and is just thrilled to get out of the house. Of course, this morning she did say "I have to go to school AGAIN?!" So I did what any good mom would do and bribed her by sending lunch money for Pizza and Ice Cream.

Speaking of lunch, she comes home and explains to me that she got pink milk, but had to throw it away because she didn't finish it. She forgot to buy her ice cream, but got cake and corn, but no fork, so she couldn't eat them. Then she excitedly pulls out the sealed, labeled envelope from her backpack and exclaims "they didn't even make me pay for my lunch!" Oh great, now the school thinks that I am that dead beat mom who doesn't bother to send a lunch or lunch money with her kindergartener the first week of school. Apparently we need a little more practice on buying our lunch.

We have all learned a few things this week.

Kirsten has learned
1. To count to 100
2. To count by 10's
3. To do addition of any two numbers below 10
4. How to find her classroom
5. How to go through a lunch line
6. Not to give out her address on-line
7. That you get time-out in PE if you talk when the Coach is talking

Mommy has learned
1. Kirsten is too big for goodbye kisses in front of her friends
2. I have to be in the carpool line by 2:30 if I want a spot
3. Getting Kirsten ready for school while nursing Katie is close to impossible
4. Katie nurses and sleeps better when Kirsten is gone
5. I was not as ready for my baby to be gone all day as I thought I was
6. A seven hour school day flies by and I still don't get anything done
7. Going to playgroups with a 2 month old is still fun (for me, at least)

I am sure that as the weeks go on we will figure more things out and stream-line our schedule a little bit more. It has been fun to see how Katie's face lights up when her sister comes home, and how excited Kirsten is to see her sister. It thrills me that they love each other so much already. This new chapter in our life is proving to be exciting and I can hardly wait to see what next week brings.

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Janet Adams Starnes said...

Yes it is a learning experience for us all isn't it? I am so glad that she is so smart and you are too.