Friday, August 20, 2010

Sums it Up

This picture just about sums up my life lately.
Kirsten is the most loving, doting, caring, adoring big sister a baby could ever have, but sometimes Katie doesn't know what to do with all that love. Kirsten is such a good helper too. She is always kissing, hugging, tickling, pinching, and holding her sister. She also loves to pick out her diapers (we are using cloth, so she has some pretty cute ones.) I have even gotten out of the shower to find her changing a poopy diaper, and once she was even giving her a bottle, I am still not sure how she learned to make one.

So lest you think I am exempt from sibling craziness, a few days ago Katie was crying and I asked Kirsten what happened. Her response - "She started it!" I was not expecting that one for quite a while.

We seem to be getting into a rhythm and getting more used to Katie and Kirsten is getting more used to her role as a big sister. Katie is getting bigger and stronger everyday. She is already outgrowing her 3 month clothes at just 7 weeks. She has slept 8 hours a night for the past two weeks, so I am a happy mommy. She starting oohing and aahhing at us this week and smiles all of the time. I swear she even giggled at me today. She especially loves her tummy time and always wants to be looking around.
We had my friend Rebecca over last week with her 6 month old twins, Owen and Luke. I think that Katie thoroughly enjoyed her playdate. What do you think?
Kirsten has been determined to indoctrinate Katie into Princess movies. Here she is trying to make Katie watch the Twelve Dancing Princesses with her.
Last week, my Aunt Verlanne sent Kirsten an apron that she had made for her. She loves it! Of course we HAD to make cookies that day so she could break it in. Thank you so much!
Kirsten starts kindergarten on Monday. I am not handling that well. We got to meet her teacher last night and see her classroom. She is so excited. I am disappointed that not a single one of her friends is in her class. She honestly knows about 30 of the 120 kids, so I was really surprised. I guess it will give her a chance to grow and make new friends. I was just hoping that there would be some familiar faces to help make her feel comfortable. I cried for about 2 hours last night after she went to bed. I am sure I will cry again on Monday. I am so worried about so many things, but deep down I know she will be okay.

Today I actually made it to an hour long aerobics class, and survived - barely. It has been 5 months and I am so out of shape. I have been doing the bikes and elipticals the past two weeks, but I was just so bored, I had to do something else. It felt good. I am going to try a step class in the morning before I head to Vicki's for brunch. We also went shopping today at 3 different stores with both kids. I put Katie in the snugli, and it was wonderful. It seems that each day gets just a little bit easier. I love my girls!


Eric & Amy said...

Katie is adorable! And way to go on that tummy time ... my Cole is a little behind ... I think his head and body is just too big to hold up quite as well as Katie -- either that or he's just a lazy baby :). Way to go Kirsten with being a great big sis. And good luck with kinder next week. She's SO ready. And so are you! Yes, it's a strange feeling. I can SO relate! But these little ones just thrive that kinder year, and admittedly it's kinda nice to have them off and learning for so many hours each day :). You'd do great! Congrats on such a huge milestone!

Mom Alleman said...

Love all the pictures! The first one of Katie and Kirsten is priceless! They seem to be quite a pair and we're thankful that you are all adjusting so well to having TWO beautiful girls around! :)