Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Months

Katie turned 2 months old on Saturday. Sometimes it feels like time is flying by, and other times like it is dragging. I guess that is what happens with babies.

I can hardly believe how big she is getting! At the doctor today she was 12lbs 5 oz (80%) and 23.5 inches tall (83%). She was declared "Perfect" by the pediatrician. I have to agree. She is smiling all of the time now, and has the most beautiful smile, if I do say so myself.

She has been sleeping 8 hours a night for the past three weeks and has been doing great so far at the schedule I have been trying to get her on. She loves to lay on her tummy and push up to look around, and for the past two weeks has been Cooing and Ahhing at us. She has started pulling at her toys on her play mat and even grabbed a fistful of my hair yesterday. It is fun to watch her find her voice and gain control over her movements. We put her in a 3 month sleeper on Saturday night and she could not straighten her legs, so we had to break out the 6 month box. So here is my 2 month old, in a six month old sleeper, with her Papa Bear.
Happy Two Months, Katie!


Eric & Amy said...

She's SO cute! Definitely a little Alleman!! Cole's in the same boat with the 6 month clothes. He was just a couple ounces shy of 15 pounds at his 2 months. We know how to do big babies, eh? :) She sounds like such a great baby. What's your secret to the 8 hour stretches. You are SOOOOOO lucky!!!!!

Mom Alleman said...

Katie has such a happy smile that we love! We are grateful that her Doctor appointment went so well and that she is so healthy--and we also agree that she is perfect! We love you guys!

The Astounding Andersens said...

Katie is just too PRECIOUS!!! I love the announcement and picture you sent to us!! We are soooo excited to be able to see her and Kirsten in a couple of months!! I love and miss y'all!!!