Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This has been yet another busy week at the Alleman household. On Friday, Katie and I got to surprise Kirsten by having lunch with her at school. She was super excited when she saw us. She looked so grown up and she walked across the cafeteria with her lunch tray.
I somehow thought that she would want us to stay, but I was wrong. As soon as her class lined up she leaped out of her seat and into line. She was ready to get on with her day!
Katie has been learning new things everyday it seems. She loves sitting up in her Bumbo Chair. She seems to always want to be looking around and see what is going on. She prefers her chair to her play mat or tummy time. She has started playing with her rattles and absolutely loves books. Jeremy makes sure to take time to read to both of his girls every night.
Sometimes he is even lucky enough to get both girls in a snuggly mood at the same time. I think he is in Daddy Heaven!
Kirsten came down with a fever Monday night. We took her to the doctor and she had strep throat. Thank goodness our pediatrician is open until 7 pm now. So she had to stay home from school on Tuesday. She insisted on having her breakfast in bed, because according to her "that is what sick people do."
I was worried that she would have too much fun being home all day and not want to go back to school. It was quite the opposite. Every hour she would have me take her temperature and ask if she could go back to school yet. She kept checking the time and telling me what her friends were doing without her. I think she missed Writer's Workshop the most. At 5 pm when her fever finally broke, she went and got dressed for school. I had to break the news to her that it was already over. She was up this morning and ready to go out the door by 7:15.

Today we went to the pool after school to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our mom's group. I took Katie into the pool for the first time. I was seriously surprised at how much she loved it. We stayed in for over an hour and she smiled, splashed and was content the entire time.
She crashed as soon as I got her changed so we let Kirsten swim for another hour while she slept on me. We will have to go back with Jeremy before it cools off.

I am so thrilled with how much Katie smiles and love all of the new noises she makes as she finds more control over her voice. She is such a creature of habit and so patient with me. I have to wake her up every morning to take Kirsten to school and she does not fuss at all as I put her in the car, come home, change her diaper and then feed her. She is ready to eat every day at 10:30, no matter when she last ate, and she insists on being put in bed by 11:30 for her nap. She has her night time routine down too and will let us know if we do it in the wrong order. This could be good or bad, I am not sure which yet. Her favorite time of day is when we pick Kirsten up from school and gets so excited when I put her in her carseat to go get her. I love seeing how they have already bonded as sisters.

Kirsten is learning to read and write more words everyday. She is always carrying around a notepad and pencil and is writing constantly. She is starting to make connections between words, such as ice, then she can figure out nice, rice ect... Sometimes I think I can even see the wheels in her head turning and processing things. She tells me everyday about the new friends she is making. Last week she even wrote a letter to a little boy she met in the pick up line to ask him to play with her at recess. I cannot believe how easily she makes friends.

Jeremy and I are just trying to keep up these days. He is taking on more responsibility at work and then picks up all my slack when he gets home. I am teaching 14 lessons so far this year and have decided to be Kirsten's Girl Scout Troop Leader. I have my first training tomorrow night. So we are busy, but that is the way we like it!

Halloween Wall Hanging

I love this Halloween hanging that I made today with my Big Shot.
1. Use the "Scallop Square" to cut 3 pieces of chip board and 3 pieces of paper. Use a glue stick to cover the chip board with the paper.
2. Use the "Serif Essentials Alphabet" to cut out the letters in both the chipboard and designer series paper of your choice. Use a glue stick to cover the chip board with the paper.
3. Cut 3 - 31/2" - squares (black on this one). Use an embossing folder of your choice t0 texturize (we used the spider web from the Holiday Mini-Catalog) then spray with Shimmer Paint and allow to dry. Attach to the chipboard squares.
4. Tie 1/8' Ribbon around each letter and adhere to the squares with SNAIL adhesive.
5. Cut 2 feet (approx) of the 1-1/4" Striped Grossgrain Ribbon for hanging, and 2 feet (approx) for the bow.
6. Attach each square to the ribbon using two strips of tacky strip for each one.
7. Loop extra ribbon at the top for hanging. Tie a bow and adhere to the top with glue dots.

You're done! Super cute and customizable for any holiday

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time to get your girl on!

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE being the mommy of two little girls. I am not really sure what I would do if I ever have a boy. Thank goodness that Jeremy does not mind being surrounded by girls all of the time. Kirsten got an American Girl Doll for her birthday that she named Emily, so today we had a mommy-daughter date to the American Girl Store. It was SO MUCH FUN! How did I ever survive growing up without one of these dolls?!

The first stop on our tour was the Doll Salon.
Yes, I actually paid someone money to fix a doll's hair. Kirsten has been sleeping with her and it was a massive mess of tangles, so I wanted them to show me how to do it, because their hair is quite delicate.

Next, it was shopping time. Kirsten has been saving her money for a few months and bought a pair of purple pajamas all by herself for Emily. I was so proud of my little girl, she seemed so grown up as she counted out her money and paid for her pajamas. She was very proud of her purchase too and thrilled to have her own bag to carry around.
Then we had lunch at the American Girl Bistro. They even have special high chairs and tea cups for the dolls so that they can join you at the table. Kirsten was too busy feeding Emily to eat much herself.
We had so much fun and she has been playing dress up with her doll in all of her new clothes since we got home. She is already planning our next trip and informed me that when she is 10, Katie will be 5 and will get her own doll and then we can all go back together.

Last Wednesday after school, Kirsten wanted to do makeovers. So I put her hair in a bun, painted her nails and put makeup on her. Then she returned the favor by doing the same thing to me. Isn't she beautiful?!Katie is becoming more and more fun everyday. She regularly sleeps 10 hours a night and is fairly consistent with her day time schedule. I find that she does better on the days we have set places to go than the days we just stay at home. She is starting to be awake more during the day and play with us. She can roll now from her tummy to back, and yesterday she scooted about 3 feet across the living room. I guess I have to keep a closer eye on her now.

Here she is joining in on music time with her maracas while Kirsten played the recorder and Jeremy the tambourine.
For the past two weeks she has also been joining us at the dinner table. I thought two months was a little small to be in the high chair, but she would get so mad if we left her in her swing during dinner. I am glad that she already loves being part of the family.
I love my girls and my family so much! We may have two pink rooms, dolls coming out of our ears, and makeup and hair bows everywhere, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, I have to go, someone wants me to play Barbies with them!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blessing Day

Today we were able to bless Katie at Church. My mom made her a beautiful dress for her special day.
I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who holds the Priesthood and could bless our daughter. I love my wonderful family more everyday.
We were blessed to have a ton of family come for her special day. My mom, step-dad and his son came down from Kansas. My Aunt Iva and Uncle Cole came down from Oklahoma, my brother came in from Goodfellow AFB where he is stationed right now. My dad and Patty were there too, of course. From Jeremy's family we had his parents, Zach and Allison, and Chris and Darlene with their kiddos all join us too. She was sure surrounded by a lot of love today.
My dad and Patty missed the other pictures because they had to run off to teach their classes right away, but we got pictures after church.
My wonderful mother-in-law had the whole crew over afterwards and made a fabulous dinner to celebrate. We loved having a weekend with family. We love you Katie. You looked beautiful in your first white dress.